Oh yeah, I almost forgot… it’s Super Tuesday

Go vote, if you didn’t early vote already.

This is going to be a very interesting night.  I’ve talked to several people who I just assumed would be automatic votes for Hillary Clinton… and found out they’re voting for Obama.  Hopefully we can convince the Saucer to put one of the TVs on election results while we play trivia tonight.  Although, no promises we’ll be successful on that, because most of their patrons consider it a tragedy if ESPN Sportscenter isn’t viewable from every angle in the entire bar.

Scratch what I said about taking the laptop up there tonight… it looks like heavy rain’s moving in.  Just got the pics downloaded from my camera, organizing them into various folders:  “superbowl08” for the Super Bowl pics, “2blog” for random pictures that will one day make it onto the blog, and a few pics went in the “bums” folder.  Soon as I get a chance I’ll run Picasa through the Super Bowl folder and post a photo album.  Won’t be right now though – got to get back to work.  They’re finally letting me code!