Majestic wine dinner tonight and other notes

Congrats to my trivia team The Rapscallions on yet ANOTHER first-place victory last night.  That brings our gift certificate total to a massive $415.  Not even tornadoes can stop us!

The Majestic Grille still has a few spots open for tonight’s wine dinner, led by Jim O’Fallen of Osborne Wines.  Here’s the menu:

Manzanilla olives
Jamon y Chorizo – sliced Serrano ham & chorizo sausage
Patatas con Aoili – potatoes with aoili
Gambas con Steas, Ajo y Vino Blanco – shrimp, mushrooms, garlic and white wine
Osborne Fino Sherry

First course:
Paella valencia
Traditional paella with chicken, seafood and chorizo
Blanco viura 2005

Second course:
Lomo de Cerdo Relleno de Higos
Pork loin stuffed with figs & almonds
Served with Swiss chard and potato casserole
Dominio DeMalpica

Chocolate con churros
Rich chocolate pot with warm churos
Osborne Shiraz Tempranillo 2004

$55 per person plus tax and 20% gratuity.  If any of the wines strike your fancy, a rep from Joe’s Liquors will be on hand to take orders.  Only a few seats left, call 522-8555 to make reservations.

Beer report:  The Saucer was nice enough to put three beers on Fire Sale last night in observance of Mardi Gras.  Needless to say those were my three UFO beers of the night, bringing the total to 6.  Let’s take a look at the scorecard:

Previous total:  $10.50

Last night’s UFO beers:
Abita Turbo Dog, $2.75 Fire Sale.  God that was a horrible beer.
Abita Purple Haze, $2.75 Fire Sale.
Abita Amber, $2.75 Fire Sale.
Tip:  $1 x 3 beers = $3
Total last night:  $11.25

Grand total:  $21.75

Tonight is “buy the beer, keep the glass” night, and it’s one of the few I actually care about getting – Warsteiner, which comes in these really cool glass beer steins.  I have one already and want more.  I have a picture of it somewhere on my laptop.  If I can find it I’ll post it later today.  So I’ll do Warsteiner draft, the Fire Sale and a bottled beer tonight.  Maybe I’ll do a Bud Light bottle in honor of John D.

According to RealClearPolitics the delegate count for the Democrats is 900 for Clinton, 824 for Obama.  This race is going to go all the way to the convention or very close to it.  Clinton may be ahead but Obama is building momentum.  McCain looks like he has the Republican nomination.  Congrats to the Republicans for choosing someone with a triple-digit IQ for the first time in 12 years.

Time to get to work.  Having a lot of fun writing code to move XML files around.  See you later!