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(Edit:  Just got a text saying that tonight’s Warsteiner glass is different from the one pictured below.) 

Occasionally I’ve had people tell me, “I wish there was a second trivia night Downtown on Tuesdays. Right now the only option is to go to the one at the Saucer, and face off against the unstoppable Rapscallions.” Well, you’re in luck. Tug’s, the casual restaurant inside River Inn of Harbor Town on Mud Island, is starting a Tuesday trivia night next week. The contest will begin at 8:30, with $1 off drinks, and $50/$20/$10 prizes.

I still haven’t been to Tug’s… need to get over there and check it out. They also do $1 off drinks during their 3-7 PM happy hour. Wednesdays they play host to Tigers and SEC fans and offer half-price drinks, and Thursday is Ladies’ Night with half-price drinks for females.

The Westin is starting a Blues Night in their lobby bar area Fridays from 5:30 to 7:30. The great Charlie Wood will kick it off this Friday. Blast! I won’t be able to make that one due to conflicting plans. I hardly ever get to hear Charlie anymore. When I first started doing Sunday brunch at Sleep Out’s, Charlie played every week.

This article, written before Super Tuesday, shows that the fight for the Democratic nomination almost certainly will go all the way to the convention. To win the nomination, a candidate needs 2,025 delegates. But, only 3,253 are pledged delegates, who are required to vote as dictated by their state’s primary or caucus. With Clinton at 900 and Obama at 824 according to RealClearPolitics, it’s doubtful that either candidate will get to 2,025 by the end of primary season. There are only 22 states, D.C., and some little islands left to vote.

That means there will probably be some wheeling and dealing at the convention to sway the 796 superdelegates one way or the other. Superdelegates are Democratic members of Congress, past Democratic presidents, Democratic state governors, and other bigwigs in the party, and they can vote however they please. As the article points out, if it comes down to a battle at the convention, Hillary has the advantage, as people in the party owe the Clintons a lot of favors from the past 16 years. However, her team will have to be careful, as African-Americans and those tired of politics as usual could see the brokering for Clinton as a maneuver to steal the nomination.

Wonder if the Republican ticket will end up being McCain/Huckabee. I have to admit that would be a heck of a ticket, certainly a lot better than the ass clowns they’ve given us the last two times. If anyone could straighten out the Social Security fiasco, it would be those two. I’d prefer to see Obama or Clinton in the White House next year, but I could live with McCain and Huck.

Posting this from home in my lunch hour. On the walk over here I got panhandled for ’bout 8 dolla. Damn bums are getting greedy.

(1) Memphis plays SMU tonight at 8, but the real game to watch will be (2) Duke vs. (3) North Carolina, also at 8. Go Tar Heels! I hate Duke. The Duke/NC game will be on ESPN. Calhoun’s Sports Bar will carry the Tiger game via Internet feed.  (Their MySpace page is a good one to bookmark.  They keep it regularly updated with the games they’ll be showing.) Since I have to get a Warsteiner glass at the Saucer there’s no chance I’ll make it down to Calhoun’s for that one.

Oh yeah, I said I’d look for the Warsteiner glass pic on my laptop. Here ya go:


Pretty cool glass huh? As long as I’m posting pics and talking about the Tiger game, I may as well post this pic of regular blog reader Meredith in a Memphis shirt:



Unusual to post a Meredith pic in February… she usually shows up on the blog several times during June for Tube Top Month.  For new readers who aren’t familiar with it: Every June this blog’s theme is Tube Top Month, where every post has to contain a mention of tube tops or a picture of someone in a tube top, no matter how irrelevant tube tops are to the subject matter of the rest of the post.  I was actually considering not bringing Tube Top Month back for a fourth year, but I had females protest:  “No!  You HAVE to do it!  I’ve already bought clothes for it!”

Yikes!  This post has consumed my entire lunch break.  Time to hit Publish and get back to the office.