Thursday update

Lots to talk about today.

The Phoenix Club e-mailed and asked if I’d mention an upcoming Mardi Gras party they’re having.  They do a lot of great work with the Boys and Girls Clubs, and that’s where the party’s proceeds will go.  Their party is Saturday, February 16 at the University Club starting at 8 PM.  $40 ticket in advance, $50 at the door covers admission and beer and wine.  ’80s band U.S. will provide the entertainment.  There will also be a High Roller room, $100 to admit one person and a guest, which gives you access to top-shelf beverages and a seat at the Texas Hold’em Poker Tournament presented by Harrah’s.  When the casino closes at 11, you can exchange your chips for raffle tickets to win a variety of prizes such as overnight hotel packages, VIP tickets to sporting events, jewelry, and clothing gift certificates.  Tickets can be purchased online or through a club member.

Calhoun’s Sports Bar & Grill has a new beer on tap… none other than PBR, and they’re selling it for a buck fifty.  That’s not a discount only good at certain times – that’s the regular price of the beer.  Oh man… Calhoun’s is trying every trick in the book to get me to be a regular.  Next thing I know the owners of the bar will e-mail me and tell me they hired some Romanians.

John D continues to be a fountain of useful knowledge.  Sunday he used the word “rheostat.”  “A light dimmer switch is a rheostat,” John D explained.  “The volume knob on your stereo is a rheostat.”  Apparently drinking Bud Light makes you really smart.

I’ve heard about another new .NET programming position if anyone is looking for one.  It’s not with my company, but I’ve been told it’s a very good place to work.  E-mail if interested.

I don’t announce a whole lot of non-Downtown events, but I will mention that the Young at Art group at the Dixon is holding their ARTini party Friday, March 7 from 7 to 10 PM.  I’ve never been but have heard this is a particularly good event.  Free for YAA members, $35 for non-members, $50 for couples.  Music by Susan Marshall, a silent auction, and of course, martinis.

Kennedy from Q107.5 e-mailed to remind me that you can still listen to the radio station on Thursdays to find out how to get into EP’s for free and get free drinks and food from 8 to 9 PM.  Haven’t made it in a few weeks… not sure if I’ll be back tonight, but soon.  Seems like I haven’t put in a lot of time at Hoop’s Bar lately, not sure why because I still love the place.

Plate update:  Knocked off beers 7, 8, and 9 last night.

Previous total:  $21.75

Old Scratch (Fire Sale) $2.75
Pyramid Apricot $4.00
Foster’s Oil Can $5.50
Tip:  $12.25 x 30% = $4.00 (I round the tips to the nearest dollar)
Total:  $16.25

Grand total:  $38.00

The bums were in hog heaven last night, thanks to the Tiger game.  My apartment building’s owner saw me outside Slim’s and told me I should watch the students walking to the game and how much they were giving to panhandlers.  So I took a window seat perch at the Saucer, and I was appalled at how many times I saw students pull out dollas and give to bums.  College students haven’t had a lot of experience with them and don’t know any better… they think they’re helping the homeless (which is NOT the case) or they feel like they may be in danger if they don’t give.  I even saw one student chase down career panhandler/convicted felon Sharp Dressed Bum to give him money.  I’m thinking about contacting The Daily Helmsman, the U of M campus newspaper, and seeing if they’d be interested in doing an article on panhandling before and after Tiger games.

I stopped in Circa briefly to say happy birthday to regular blog reader Mendi (her actual birthday was last week, but she was celebrating last night).  While there the GM gave me a sample of the new Boscos pale ale they’re now serving, and it was good – really, it was better than any pale ale I remember trying.  That’ll probably be my beer of choice at Circa from now on.

Time to go to work and write some C# code.  Have a good day everyone.