“Downtown Memphis Info” section now up

See the blog’s right sidebar.  Started off with six categories – happy hours, free wireless Internet hotspots, grocery and drugstores, panhandling, apartments and transportation.  More categories to be added.  The “panhandling” page contains a link to my infamous guide to Downtown Memphis bum gimmicks.

I need your help with the “happy hours” page.  That one is just a starter for now.  I know there are more happy hours out there that I missed.  I also plan to add a list of drink specials that aren’t happy hour, but happen on a particular day of the week.  If you know of anything I should add e-mail paul@paulryburn.com.

One more thing – someone had a request to add a music calendar.  I’ve tried that before, many years ago, and haven’t found a way to make it work.  I tried it as a test for a couple of weeks, and determined that it would take me about two hours a week to add all the info on upcoming shows.  The alternative is to give bands the ability to add their own stuff, but then it becomes “bands who know how to use the Internet” and half of the listings still won’t be there.  It also opens up an opportunity for bands and club owners to spam the calendar and take their shameless self-promotion too far to the point that it’s annoying (I see this a lot on MySpace) and people stop visiting the calendar.  So for now, it’s not in the plans.  Never say never, but not now.

My work is done!  Time to go have a BEER!  Or three.  Gotta have at least three.  I have a feeling there will be more than three.  Since I’m starting so late, could be a late finish too.  hmmmraifordsmaybe