Party photos

Whew! Been working on the laptop all day. I even took it down the street to Sawaddii with me to get lunch. I don’t know why I’ve gone so long without going to Sawaddii, great place. I had the green curry over rice noodles with chicken breast, peppers, carrots and basil. Spicy hot, just the way I like it.

Anyway, I’ve got the photo albums from the last two parties up, so you can look at a bunch of people you probably don’t know unless you yourself are in the pictures.

Super Bowl party 2/3/08 at Barton Flats

Rapscallion Party VI/Otto and Paola’s birthday party 2/8/08 at the Flying Saucer and a few from the Peabody lobby

I’m rushed for time but I can’t resist posting just a few of my favorites here.


A classic Downtown Memphis photo: John D consuming his beverage of choice.



The Nuh-Uh Girl consuming one of the 14 or so meals she had at the Super Bowl party.



You don’t even want to know what these two were plotting.

Still at home… can you believe it’s after 6 and I’m not out at a bar yet? I’m determined that the first draft of my new “Downtown Info” section will make it to the blog before I go out. Really, I’ve done just about all the typing I need to do… just a matter of editing my template to make the new section show up. You should see it within a few hours, at the top of the right sidebar.