Saturday update: Red Rooster, Blues City Pastry, and possibly a new Sleep Out Louie’s

Fun times last night… it was Rapscallion Party VI as we cashed in our $415 in trivia winnings.  We managed to roll through the money in just over 3 hours.  I consumed beers number 13, 14, and 15 toward my plate:

Previous total:  $59.00

Acme Pale Ale bottle $4.00
Dos Equis Special Lager bottle $4.25
Cooper’s Sparkling Ale $5.50
Tip:  $13.75 x ~30% = $5.00
Total:  $18.75

Grand total:  $77.75

The party was also a birthday party for our friends Otto and Paola who celebrated birthdays this week.  By 10:30 PM we were pretty much all wiped out.  I was one of four survivors who made it to the Peabody lobby for a drink for Otto’s birthday (a tradition started last year), but before the waitress came over to take our order, I realized I was just too exhausted to continue and called it a night.

Special thanks to our waitress Melissa who did an AWESOME job taking care of us last night.  It looked like they were a waitress short and she was absolutely slammed the entire time, but she still managed to keep our beer glasses full.

The Memphis Business Journal had an article yesterday about The Red Rooster Bar and Music Hall, scheduled to open February 21.  The Rooster is on Lt. George Lee Avenue, across from the Gibson Lounge and 1 block south of Beale Street.  Ground Zero and a yet-unnamed jazz bar will also open on that street before Memphis in May, and the street is being positioned as an alternative for people who have outgrown Beale Street but still want something Downtown.  Owner Luke McKee told the MBJ, “We’re just looking to be another great restaurant and party spot to bring people in, especially the locals.”  I’ve met Luke and hung out with him several times at the Saucer and Hoop’s Bar, and I’m convinced he and his business partner know what they’re doing.  I think this is going to be a really good addition to Downtown.

Interesting news from Birmingham… Performa Entertainment who runs Beale Street is developing a two-block entertainment district there.  A blog reader who now lives in B’ham sent me an article about it, and guess what name was among the restaurants that have signed letters of intent – none other than SLEEP OUT LOUIE’S.  I know it’s the same business as the former restaurant on Union because the Mesquite Chop House is also listed as having signed a letter.  So if you miss Sleep Out’s and don’t mind a 4-hour drive to get there, it will soon be an option.

Blues City Pastry at Main and Peabody Place has announced that due to popular demand, they will start opening for breakfast two hours early (10 AM) effective tomorrow.  They’ve expanded their breakfast menu too and now offer New Orleans style beignets, cinnamon rolls, scones, coffee cakes, four kinds of quiche, assorted breakfast sandwiches on croissants and bagels, and their newest menu item, made-to-order omelets.

Plans for today:  I’m going to hold myself prisoner in my own home and force myself to get some work done.  I need to get photo albums done for Rapscallion Party VI and the Super Bowl party.  I’ve also been meaning to add a “downtown info” section to the blog for a while, with pages that will tell you where you can find good happy hours, who has Wi-Fi, info on transportation Downtown, stuff like that.  That’s an idea that has been discussed for over a year but nothing ever came to fruition… now I’m ready to do it.  So I’ll at least get started on that today.

Snozberry plays the Saucer tonight at 9:30… the last few times they’ve played I’ve fully intended to go and then other things came up.  Tonight I plan on making it.  Think I’ll take an early evening nap and get up there about 9.  That way I can get situated and listen to their first set while I knock out beers 16, 17, and 18 toward my plate.  After the first set I’ll decide whether to stay there or do a change of venue.  The Dempseys play Blues City tonight and I’m kind of in the mood to hear them again.

Oh – reminds me – if I do indeed get there at 9, they’ll be charging a $3 cover, which I won’t have to pay because of my UFO Club card.  Since I’m keeping track of the entire cost of getting a plate, it seems I should log a negative $3 entry for that.

Lots to do today… time to go to Walgreens to buy my morning caffeine.