Tuesday update: Price increase, TN-Vandy game @ Calhoun’s, Tiger Blue day, whiskey tasting, trivia night

So I got to Pint Nite last night and saw John D sitting at the bar.  So I figured I’d sit at the bar with John D and start a tab there.  But before I made it to the bar I was intercepted by the waitress who calls me her “BFF.”  “WHAT DO YOU WANT,” she said.  “GIVE ME YOUR UFO CARD.  I’M GOING TO PICK OUT THE 3 BEERS YOU’RE DRINKING FOR YOUR PLATE TONIGHT.”  So I gave her my card and she walked to the computer (I checked out her ass as she walked over), and she came back with receipts for Black Velvet, Leinenkugel Sunset Wheat, and Rogue Nut Brown Nectar which she said were 3 of her favorite beers.  I refused Sunset Wheat, as that sometimes shows up on Fire Sale and I want to save it for then.  So she went back to the computer (I checked out her ass again) and came back with a receipt for Hummingbird Water, which is one of the most girly beers there, but hey it has to be knocked off the list sometime.  So for the beer report we have

Previous total:  $342.50

Beers 64, 65, and 66 (but 61, 62 and 63 according to the Saucer):
Hummingbird Water $2.50
Black Velvet $2.50
Rogue Nut Brown Nectar $2.50
Tip:  $1 x 3 beers = $3.00
Total:  $10.50

Grand total:  $353.00

Those were not the only 3 beers I had, though.  I managed to follow up my plate beers with 9 Dos Equis Lagers, for a total of 12 pints, and I could’ve easily broken my record of 14 if not for this stupid “job” thing I’m expected to go to on Tuesday mornings.  My BFF continued to be her sweet self throughout the course of the evening, making comments like, “SO THE WAITRESS YOU ASKED TO WORK YOUR PLATE PARTY GOT PROMOTED TO BARTENDER.  WHO’S GOING TO BE YOUR WAITRESS NOW.”  Actually, she was in an unusually good mood last night.  She only flipped me off once and punched me once in the entire time I was there.  Someone bought one of my beers (thanks), so I had to pay for 11.  My BFF got mad at me for only tipping $11.  “YOU’RE NOT TIPPING FOR THE BEER THAT WAS BOUGHT FOR YOU?  COME ON.  CHANGE THAT 1 TO A 2 ON YOUR DEBIT CARD RECEIPT.  DO IT.”

Y’know who I should fix her up with?  Nappy haired, extremely loud and aggressive “CAN I AKS YOU A QUESTION.  U GOT 50 CENT” bum who works the streets Downtown.  Know the one I’m talking about?  He makes a beeline up to you and gets right in your face to panhandle you.  They would be perfect for each other; they have the exact same personality.  I should set them up on a blind date.  If he’s not in jail right now.

Now we transition from the “crap no one cares about” section of the post to the “useful information” section of the post.  I’m not quite done with the Saucer though.  Beginning next week, the Pint Nite price increases to $2.75.  In usual Saucer fashion, they announced the increase as “beginning March 1” even though March 1 is a Saturday and therefore not a Pint Nite.

Calhoun’s Sports Bar & Grill on G.E. Patterson Avenue wants everyone to know that they will be showing the Tennessee-Vandy game tonight at 8 on their 5 flat-panel TVs.  Go Vandy!  Let’s root for the Vols to lose so we can get our #1 ranking back.  Calhoun’s will also carry both Tiger games this week.

The Leadership Academy has deemed tomorrow, Wednesday, February 27, to be Tiger Blue day.  They are asking everyone to wear blue in support of the soon-to-be national champion Memphis Tigers.  They’re also asking you to e-mail all your friends and make sure they know about Tiger Blue day.

The Peabody and Jack Daniel’s will host a Southern dinner and whiskey tasting Thursday, March 27, with Lynne Tolley, the great-grandniece of Mr. Daniel himself.  Tasting will be at 6 PM in Capriccio Grill, and will consist of a 3-course tasting of JD whiskeys, followed by a 4-course meal with recipes from the “Cooking with Jack” cookbook.  Cost is $85, call 529-4183 for reservations.  This is one of a series of Jack Daniel’s events that will take place this year to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Peabody Ducks, a concept that was allegedly invented when someone had a little too much Jack Daniel’s.

My BFF told me she had a new item at Big Foot Lodge which was really good, a meatball/Caesar salad thing in a pita.  I just checked their website and don’t see it on the menu yet, but I did notice that they’re re-done their site.  Check it out here.

First United Methodist (you know, the church that burned down a couple of years ago) is hosting a trivia night this Friday to benefit the FirstWorks scholarship fund.  It will be at Union Avenue Methodist at Union and Cooper, $20 entrance fee per person, with teams of 6 competing.  Entry fee gets you an all-you-can-eat dinner, the trivia game and door prizes.  Doors open at 6:30, game begins at 7.  Theme is Western, but that applies only to the decor, food and attire, not the trivia questions, which will come from a variety of categories.  Questions can be directed to Kelly at kellym210@bellsouth.net or 359-7667.

Speaking of trivia nights, it’s time for the Rapscallions to kick some more ass at trivia tonight.  Since having our last party, we’ve scored two first-place finishes, and since Rapscallion Party VII will also be my plate party, that means we’re off and running with $200 already, with approximately two months to go.  Not a bad start.  Pete the Trivia Guy will be back this week.

Time to head to work.