I’m true blue, hoping you will be too. Plus: blues dancing, food and beverage tax

… And I’m back.  Couple of quick items before I head to work.  It’s Tiger Blue Day, as deemed by an e-mail sent out by the Leadership Academy, and I have blue on.  Do you?  For those of you who missed last night’s post:  1) Game has been changed to 7:00, so Rapscallions/extended family/random hot girls are invited to meet up with us at Itta Bena at 5:45, then head to the Red Rooster at 6:45 for game viewing.  2) Tennessee lost to Vandy last night, so we’ll likely get our #1 ranking back in the AP poll.

Couple of more quick items that I was too tired to post last night…

The CA has a good article today on NewVoBlues, an organization that is reviving the tradition of blues dancing here in the home of the blues.  NewVo has one of their biggest events of the year, Bluesalicious, this weekend, with dance classes and outings to local juke joints.  Schedule for the weekend is at the bottom of the article.

I’ve been receiving e-mails about a site called nofoodandbeveragetax.com that is petitioning against a proposed 2% tax on the local food and beverage industry.  This tax will passed on directly to your bill when you eat out, and is especially hurtful for locally-owned restaurants who don’t have a national corporation behind them.  If you eat out a lot like I do, this is a petition you should consider signing.  It isn’t the restaurants’ fault that the county can’t manage to balance its damn budget.

Plans for the rest of this week:

Tonight:  Itta Bena then Red Rooster, see above.

Tomorrow:  Dempseys @ Saucer, 9:30.

Friday:  MAYBE South Main Trolley Tour.  Looking forward to next month’s Trolley Tour though, when the weather will be much nicer.

Saturday:  Don’t know.  Probably out getting new pictures of bums in the afternoon.

Sunday:  Brunch at McGuinness (week 1 of 2)

Time to head to work.  Things have been picking up lately and I’ve gotten a lot of great experience programming in a true multi-tiered environment (where the data logic, business logic, and business objects are all separate) and working with a team on projects (in previous jobs I tended to work on projects alone).  It can be a lot of fun sometimes.  Outta here til later, will have my laptop with me at lunch, could be another post then.