Lunchtime post

Posting from the Second Street branch office and reading the Memphis Flyer during my lunch break.  For lunch today:  Clausthauler (a nonalcoholic beer), and LaBatt Blue (which is alcoholic, but is basically Canadian Bud Light so it’s not like one pint will do anything).  I’ll be eating twice in a short time span tonight, so I’m skipping the food portion of my lunch break.

This week’s horoscope says I should “do the wild thing as much as possible.”  Now that’s the horoscope I’ve been waiting for!  Attn female Scorpios:  You have the same horoscope I do, let’s hook up!  Actually, some of the biggest psychos I’ve ever met have been female Scorpios, I better be careful what I wish for.

I made the Flyer twice this week.  Pa Pa Pia’s quoted my review from last month in their ad, where I called the place “outstanding.”  Got no problem with that.  May not be a fan of some of the other restaurants their company runs (the one across the street, for example) but I was thoroughly impressed with Pia’s in every respect when I went in – food, service, they way they went above and beyond to take care of the large group I came with.  Great job!

Then on page 9, I’m quoted in the “Policing Panhandling” news article.  The Handling-Panhandling forum has seen a huge bump in activity the last week due to all the media coverage of the Downtown security patrols.  We’re getting new information on some of the bums who cause a lot of trouble down here.  Not the homeless (as in someone without a home) but the bums (as in, people who aggressively beg for money).  H-P is not and never will be about harassing the homeless for no reason.

One event in the Flyer that’s especially worth mentioning… “Rock n Roll for Red” tomorrow night (Feb 28) at EP Delta Kitchen.  All proceeds benefit the American Heart Association.  $5 general admission, $50 for exclusive VIP lounge with free cocktails and apps 7-9 PM.  Show up in red attire and receive a complimentary signature drink.  For more ticket info call the AHA at 901-383-5400.

Unfortunately I’ll have to miss the event due to the Dempseys show tomorrow night at the Saucer.  Another event I’m going to have to miss is “Rock out with your cock out” Thursday night at the Red Rooster, with $1.50 Miller Lite/Amber Bock all night long, and $2.50 Stella Artois and Blue Moon all night long, and Route South on the stage.  Now those are some good beer specials!  Looks like the Rooster may present a serious challenge to EP’s/Hoop’s as my Thursday night hangout once the weather warms up.  The Rooster now has a MySpace page, so you can be their friend and check their calendar for the latest news.

This non-alcoholic beer sucks.  The ticket describing the beer said “surprisingly tasty” but LaBatt was the better tasting of the two beers I’ve had in my lunch break, if that tells you anything.   I’ll come up here right before I hit Itta Bena tonight and knock my third one out.  Hmmm… “Irish Car Bomb” is one I have yet to do.  Wonder if Air Traffic will be here this afternoon.  I need a car bomb drinking buddy.

My hour is up already!  Back to work.