Armed robbery on Beale, Onix website, marriage in MS

A blog reader sent me this story from the NWTN Today website (from Union City, TN) about an armed robbery of a visitor from Knoxville Saturday night who was in town for the Memphis-UT game. The robbery started on Beale Street and ended in a nearby residential neighborhood around 11:15 PM Saturday night, and the robbers took the victim’s credit and debit cards, $200 cash, driver’s license, watch, cell phone and Nike shoes. I wanted to post this because I haven’t seen it covered in any of the local media.

Thanks to the Nuh-Uh Girl for sending me this link to Onix Restaurant’s website. Onix is the new chicken & waffles restaurant in the old Zanibar space at Main and Huling. Looks like their specialty is buffalo-style chicken served with ranch, roll, celery and carrots. They have a variety of flavors available, including the usual ones (medium, hot) as well as more exotic ones (seasoned, honey glazed, lemon pepper). Hmmm… now I’m really going to have to check this place out. They also have catfish, shrimp and chicken tenderloin dinners, sandwiches, and a healthy choice menu.

Found this on WREG’s website today… Mississippi’s House voted to get rid of the waiting period to get a marriage license. Looks like they’re trying to make the casino districts in the state more like Vegas, where you can elope and get married the same day. Yikes… I don’t know if I like having that option that close to home. Gonna have to be careful that I don’t meet a girl in a club and have a little too much to drink and take a road trip and make The Ultimate Mistake. This could especially be a problem if we get a new group of Romanians in town for the summer.

That’s all I’ve got for now… still having fun at work, getting to move through the “software development life cycle.” The work we’ve done the past month is now in testing. Fun to see how it all comes together. Never been with a company that does it in such an organized manner. Outta here, back to the office.