Weekend pics

Time to post some pics from this weekend.


From Friday night:  Here’s a pic of the Nuh-Uh Girl eating.



The Red Rooster has a TV where you can text whatever you want and have it show up on the TV screen.  As you can see, the Nuh-Uh Girl and the Nuh-Uh Sister were in the house.  I also texted “Paul loves Romanian girls” to the screen.



D’oh!  Allison done growed an extra head!



Frank (wearing the wrong colors, you’ll notice) worries about the outcome of Saturday night’s game.



A Tiger fan attempts to reconcile the blue and the orange.



Here’s a pic of the Nuh-Uh Girl eating at Saturday’s watch party.  Note that she is wearing the wrong colors.



Thank goodness one member of the Nuh-Uh Family had the sense to wear appropriate colors to Saturday’s watch party.



Sunday:  My BFF shows me how much she loves me.  This pic may pop up yet again in a different format.



Here’s a pic of the guy who was outside panhandling all day Sunday.



Pete and Clay salute you!  P.S. Ask Pete who kicked his ass in pool

And now it’s time for the beer report.

Previous total:  $326.50

Beers 61, 62, and 63 (but 58, 59 and 60 according to the Saucer):
Beck’s bottle $4.00
Bavaria bottle $3.75
Bohemia bottle $4.25
Tip:  $12.00 x ~30% = $4.00
Total:  $16.00

Grand total:  $342.50

Did you know that Bohemia is a Mexican beer?  Yeah me neither.  I was surprised when I ordered a beer I thought was from Eastern Europe and it came out with a lime.  If I made my own beer I’d name it “Romania.”

Home early from Sunday Fun Day.  I’m going to do a load of laundry, may go back out later on.  The Oscars are on, but I never watch movies so who cares.

Sunday update

Not much to report today, so this one won’t be terribly interesting.

I did bum patrols for much of the afternoon yesterday, but stopped in the Red Rooster to have a beer with the gang.  Everyone really seems to like that place and I have a feeling it will turn into a regular hangout.  I looked at the menu, and thought to myself, wow, the nachos are a little expensive.  But then someone ordered them and Mount Nachos came out!  Enough for two people to split unless you’re really hungry.  Man those things looked good.  I’ll have to try them myself to verify, but the Rooster may have a shot at taking my personal award for Best Nachos Downtown away from Huey’s.

Got to the Saucer about 5:30, and although the place was ridiculously packed, I managed to get a seat at one of the tables where I had a perfect view of the HDTV next to the dart boards.  Most of the gang met up between 6 and 6:30 and everyone had a great time, although some of us weren’t too happy with Frank and the Nuh-Uh Girl for wearing Volunteer orange.  The Tigers lost, but does it really matter?  We’re still a lock for a #1 seed in the NCAA Tournament, as long as we don’t lose any of our joke-of-a-conference games for the remainder of the season.

Speaking of dart boards… the Saucer is getting two new dart boards today.  They’ve finally taken our advice and stopped buying flimsy crap boards that wear out quickly.  This time they bought $95 dart boards that are guaranteed to last for a year.  Interest in darts seems to be picking up, and it will be good to have some quality boards to play on.

Time for the beer report.

Previous total:  $291.50

Beers 58, 59, and 60 (but 54, 56, and 57 according to the Saucer):
Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA $7.00
Tommy Knocker Butthead $5.00
North Coast Brother Thelonious Belgian Style Ale $14.00
Tip:  $26.00 x ~ 30% = $9.00
Total $35.00

Grand total:  $326.50

Well, I guess they can’t all be 10-dollar nights.  That Brother Thelonious beer was a monster – 25.4 ounces, 9.4% alcohol.  It kept me occupied for three-fourths of the game.

Today is week 2 for brunch at the Majestic, followed by the weekly installment of Paul Whoops Pete’s Ass at Pool.

It’s also Beer Pong Sunday at Hoop’s Bar.  Here’s a pic I took Friday night of the beer pong table:


Time to get it started.  Have a good Sunday everyone.

Saturday update: Rooster report, votes, links, bums, beer, game day plans

Ah. Life is good. Woke up at 7:45. Thought, “oh no, I’m late for work” then remembered it’s Saturday. Rolled over, slept til 9. Got up, put clothes on, walked to Blue Plate, ordered two sausage biscuits to go, walked to Jack’s, bought Mountain Dew, came back, sausage biscuits were ready. Eating them now as I type.

I got to check out the new club Downtown, The Red Rooster, last night. I’d had a few beers with one of the owners over the past couple months, and he told me that if I could bring a group of 10 or more, he’d let us in without paying cover. So I assembled everyone at Hoop’s Bar at 9 (something of a selfish move, as I wanted at least one PBR can over the course of the evening) and then we headed over to the Rooster at 10.

I liked the place. It felt like the kind of club you find Downtown in a big city. They had a band playing, and during breaks they played music – GOOD music. A club Downtown that doesn’t play hip-hop – FINALLY! They were playing rock – I’ll throw out AC/DC’s “Back in Black” as representative of what I heard. You wouldn’t think that would work in a club, but it totally did and people were dancing. Some people were concerned that the Rooster would be a country bar, but I did not hear one country song in the entire two hours I was there. Staff was friendly. You have to high-five the bartenders before you can order.

The big unknown at the Rooster is the variable they can’t control, who the regular crowd will turn out to be. I hope it doesn’t become a redneck bar. I don’t think it will, as it’s too far removed from Mississippi and Frayser. I really liked the place and plan on going back in a week or two.

This isn’t a Downtown event but I’m going to mention it anyway… the Brooks Museum is doing a Hangar One Vodka tasting Friday, March 7 at 7 PM. Ansley Cole, co-founder and owner of Hangar One, will be on hand. $75 cover gets you five pours of Hangar One’s vodkas, a sample of their premium brandy, and a dinner buffet by chef Wally Joe. I mention this because I’m a huge fan of Hangar One vodkas. Hangar One lime vodka + cranberry + Sprite = a very good drink indeed.

Memphis was successful in its quest to get a Startup Weekend here. Great event for entrepreneurs. It will take place May 30-June 1. This link will get you to a place where you can purchase a ticket for the weekend and find out other info. Event will be held at Mercury Labs, and they’re capping the registration so don’t wait too long to get your ticket if you want to go.

Now, it’s time to ask for your help with another vote. Colgate is donating a children’s playroom to a hospital, and is letting the public vote for which hospital. There’s a local movement to build up votes for Baptist Memorial in Memphis. Please take a minute to go here and help our city win.

A few good links I found yesterday:

Business.gov – the government’s site full of information on how to start and operate a small business.

The Encyclopedia of Television – I think the name says it all.

Commercial Appeal article listing the times acts perform at the Folk Alliance Music Showcase tonight.

Speaking of the Commercial Appeal, there’s an article in it today about the CCC’s vote to approve Downtown security patrols to curb panhandling. Handling-Panhandling forum co-moderator Mike King is quoted.

The beer report for yesterday is going to be a little bit complicated. The Saucer gives its UFO members prizes when they hit 50, 100, 150, and 200 beers. It’s a free beer for 50, a free big beer for 100, a free hat for 150, and a free Frisbee for 200. So I have to decide if the free stuff should be subtracted from the total cost of the plate. My opinion is that the free beer for 50 and the free biggy for 100 should be subtracted; I’d be ordering a beer anyway, so those are legitimate offsets of costs. On the other hand, the hat and Frisbee are items I probably would not choose to buy, so those won’t be subtracted.

Also, on my way home from the Rooster I stopped in the Saucer for a beer. They were charging cover at the time, and because I’m a UFO member I didn’t have to pay. So that $3 gets subtracted from the plate cost.

Previous total: $281.50

Beers 55, 56, and 57 (but 52, 53, and 54 according to the Saucer):
Blue Velvet $5.00
Xingu bottle $4.25
Warsteiner Dunkel bottle $4.00
Tip $13.25 x ~30% = $4.00
Free beer – Dos Equis Special Lager $-4.25
Cover I didn’t have to pay $-3.00
Total: $10.00

Grand total: $291.50

Plans for today: Wander around and talk to people from 11 to 6, game watch party at the Saucer from 6 to 10. Yes, I know a few people decided to do something different at the very last minute, and that’s cool, but the official Rapscallion extended family game watch party remains at the Saucer. Darts, beer, 3 HDTVs in the main room, hot waitresses in miniskirts.

CCC votes to fund 3-month pilot security patrol

Today I attended the Center City Commission monthly board meeting, for which one of the agenda items was to vote on funding for a 3-month private security patrol to deter panhandling. As I entered the building, TV stations were interviewing people affiliated with the Mid-South Peace and Justice Center and members of the homeless community who were protesting. As the meeting started, the protestors came inside, as is their right to do at a public meeting.

Community members on both sides of the issue were given the opportunity to voice their opinions. Jacob Flowers, head of the MSPJC, expressed his opposition to the security patrol due to concerns that area homeless would be harassed. Then Mike King, co-founder of the Handling-Panhandling forum, shared his experiences and frustrations as a Downtown resident who is panhandled aggressively on a near daily basis. After many questions from CCC board members, the vote was taken and the funding for the security patrol was approved.

Some notes I took at the meeting:

– The pilot program will run from April 1 to June 30. After that, the data that has been gathered will be studied to determine if security patrols would be helpful on a long-term basis to curb aggressive panhandling.

– The cost of the 3-month program will be $53,340. That was not the lowest bid, but the bid was given to security firm CDA because they are 100% minority-owned and because they provide 2 to 3 times as much training to their security people as does Brownard, who submitted the lowest bid.

– In addition to the 30+ hours of training provided by CDA, the Shelby County Sheriff’s Department will provide 24 hours of additional training.

– The recommendation made by the CCC’s safety committee is that security be unarmed. The cost quoted above is for unarmed security people, and would be substantially higher if they were armed. “Armed” means carrying a firearm. The security people are licensed to carry batons, pepper spray, and tasers, and the committee is studying whether it would be appropriate for them to carry any of those. (My personal feeling, not expressed in the meeting, is NO.)

– The money to fund the security patrol does not come from taxpayer dollars. Rather, it comes from the CCC budget, assessed from Downtown businesses. If the patrol proves successful and the decision is made to continue beyond the 3-month pilot, the CCC may consider pursuing private funding.

– Security company is required to have liability insurance in the amount of $1 million per incident, $5 million aggregate.

– There will be 2 security shifts per day, with 2 security people working each, from 8 AM to 9 PM Sunday-Thursday and 8 AM to 11 PM Friday-Saturday.

– During the pilot, security will focus on the Main Street Mall between Adams and Beale. (Although, I intend to have a talk with the CCC about this; south of Monroe, panhandling is a much bigger problem on Second than Main.)

– The intent is for security to act as a deterrent more than a means of enforcement. Similar programs have been operated in other cities (Sundance Square in Fort Worth was mentioned) and generally, the mere presence of security was enough to shoo panhandlers from the area. It was stressed that these will be security personnel, not officers.

– A story was told of a reporter who went undercover last week and panhandled in Court Square. He was approached by a panhandler who told him, “Hey, you’re in my territory.” The undercover reporter got to talking to the panhandler, and he revealed that he lives in the Exchange Building and receives a monthly disability check from the government. He panhandles to supplement his income.

So it looks like the patrols will start April 1. Although I was on the opposite side of the issue than the MSPJC, I do understand their concerns and hope to open a productive dialogue with Mr. Flowers (who I just approved for membership on the Handling-Panhandling list). I will keep an eye on the situation, and if I witness harassment of the homeless by the security patrols, you better believe it’s gonna be reported on this blog. Hopefully, though, they’ll deliver as promised and rid Downtown of some of its most aggressive, obnoxious panhandlers, improving the quality of life for all the rest of us Downtown, homeless included.

Great article

Great article in this morning’s Commercial Appeal on the proposed security patrol Downtown to try and curb panhandling.  The CCC votes whether to fund the patrol today.  The article did a great job explaining that the goal is not to harass the homeless, but to deter the aggressive panhandlers who cuss and threaten people who do not give them money.

(edited to add:  Great editorial on panhandling today too.)

Friday update

Wednesday night as I was leaving Itta Bena, I saw this on EP Delta Kitchen’s sign:

“Dead Rock Star Costume Ball April 3”

Hmmm… that could be fun.  So many choices.  John Lennon?  Jim Morrison?  Elvis?  Jimi Hendrix?  Kurt Cobain?  And many more to choose from.

This weekend is Zydeco Fest on Beale Street, which always brings some interesting-looking people to the area.  Beale will be the place to be for people-watching this weekend.  There will also be a lot of people from out of town for the Memphis-Tennessee game.

We’ve already made plans to watch the game, and managed to get two tables reserved at the Saucer.  They told us that at least half of us would have to get there at least two hours early to secure the reservation.  So I’m going to have to sit at a bar and drink beer for over four hours???  Heavens to Betsy, how will I ever manage that?

Two of the better bands that play the Saucer play this weekend:  The West Tennessee Wife Swappers (tonight) and FreeWorld (Sat).  Also, a little advance notice:  Next Thursday THE DEMPSEYS will play!

Meanwhile, this weekend is the grand opening of a new club, the Red Rooster, down the street from the Westin.  A group of us plan to check it out tonight.  We’re going to meet up at Hoop’s Bar around 9 and then head to the Rooster at 10.  Will post a report on the place this weekend hopefully.

If you’re curious about the new restaurant Onix on South Main in the old Zanzibar spot, watch or record “Definitely Downtown!” with That Other Downtown Guy, Lee Warren, on ABC24 at 12:30 AM Sunday.  They’ll have a feature on Calhoun’s sports bar as well.

The Folk Alliance is holding their big convention in Memphis this weekend, and there will be a Musicians’ Showcase at the Center for Southern Folklore tonight and tomorrow.  Cover is $10 per night and gets you general admission access to both stages.  Whew!  Lots going on this weekend, lots to choose from…

Charlie Wood plays the Westin lobby tonight from 5:30 to 7:30.

Last night I arrived at the Saucer about 5:15, and the waitress who calls me her “BFF” came running up to me.  “Paul, look!” she said, and pointed to her left.  I looked and saw a woman sitting on a bench.  “No, the chalkboard!” she told me.  And there I saw the most beautiful words in the English language:  “$2.75 Fire Sale – DOS EQUIS SPECIAL LAGER.”  Needless to say I had quite a few of those.  I was somewhat irritated at having to interrupt my Special Lager drinking to get two crap beers out of the way en route to my second plate.

Before I get to the beer report, I have a question about this “BFF” thing:  If my Best Friend Forever is a girl, am I still allowed to look up her skirt?

Previous total:  $268.75

Beers 52, 53, and 54 (but 49, 50, and 51 according to the Saucer):
Dos Equis Special Lager Fire Sale $2.75
Michelob Light $3.50
Michelob Ultra $3.50
Tip:  $9.75 x ~30% = $3.00
Total:  $12.75

Grand total:  $281.50

Time for work, gotta run!


How-To of the Day:  How to Not Be Annoying.  I’m going to print out several copies of this and take them to the bar this afternoon to hand out to people.

In the news:  Some Tennessee lawmakers want to make it illegal to text while driving.  GREAT IDEA!!!

Here’s an article on a man who is selling his Tigers vs. UT tickets to pay for his son’s tuition.  Never realized it, but college basketball tickets are becoming something of a futures market.  Who would’ve thought at the beginning of the season that this game would be #1 vs. #2?