Drunk post. Bruce Pearl: Buh Bye, and please remove that carrot from your neck. FRANK? NUH-UH GIRL? CARMEL? Comments? Didn’t think so. Also: Paul beats Sam’s ass at pool

Congrats to the Louisville Cardinals, who took Tennessee out of the NCAA tournament tonight.  Great job!

My original Plan A was to meet a friend for mojitos on Sauces’ patio, but she had to work late.  So I switched to Plan B, which is my usual Plan A… drinking beers at the Saucer.  It turned out to be a really good plan, as I got there at 5:30 and am just now getting home (1:30).  Never made it to the Rooster or any of the other options.

Atlas was hopping tonight.  It was their first Ladies’ Night of the season, sponsored by 93X.  I watched from the window of the Saucer and all kinds of hot babes went in there.  I never even considered going though, even though my BFF and her mini-me went.  It was the Peabody rooftop crowd.  Girls who have turned 21 in the past year and think that a nice ass in a pair of white pants and a white thong (or similar outfits) make them VIPs, and stupid-ass horny guys of all ages who are willing to buy into that (and there are a LOT of guys who are).  This is why the rooftop parties, while highly anticipated, quickly turn boring after only a few weeks.  No kidding, I actually typed that.  When I go to Peabody rooftop parties, I tend to look for the girls who are least made-up because they’re the most real.  Also the girls in tube tops, because tube tops are hot.

Attn Hank:  You owe me a beer.  Dos Equis Special Lager please.

The Fabulous Steeler Band played the Saucer tonight.  Pete (whose ass I routinely kick at pool) told me they were good, and they were.  Tonight they had Louisiana mojo queen Ms. Zeno fronting the band.  Definitely worth checking out on their next visit to the Saucer.

Speaking of pool… Calhoun’s bartender Lauren and I totally kicked ass at pool tonight as partners on the Saucer’s table.  I take notes for my blog and Lauren grabbed the pen and noted that we are BPE = Best Partners Ever.  And not fake BPE either.  If American Apparel ever offers 20% off for BPE, Lauren and I are totally getting matching outfits.  One of our opponents was Sam who hangs out at Calhoun’s all the time.  He got his ass kicked.  Remember back in November when he tried to start a competing trivia team called “Suck My Blog”?  He got his ass kicked then too.

Beer report:

Previous total:  $863.00

Beers 152, 153, and 154 (but 147, 148 and 149 according to the Saucer):
Sam Adams Winter Lager Fire Sale $2.75
Cream of Wheat (mixer: Guinness + Avery White Rascal) $5.00
Rogue Hazelnut Brown bottle $11.00
Tip:  $18.75 x ~30% = $6.00
Total:  $24.75

Grand total:  $887.75

Disappointed that I didn’t get to rock out with my cock out tonight.  Time for bed.