Thursday update #4: Iavaroni out?, furniture giveaway illegal?, and disco dancing

Saw an NBA rumor on Yahoo today that the Grizzlies are pursuing former New York Knicks coach Larry Brown to replace current head coach Marc Iavaroni. The article says that Iavaroni has been criticized for not communicating effectively with players. The article also says Brown has been out of coaching since “his disastrous 23-win season with the Knicks in 2005-06.” Yep, that sounds like the kind of person the Grizzlies would hire. I pity the poor people in their back office who are trying to get season ticket holders to renew.

Attn Grizzlies: If you want to go all the way and get someone who is truly the embodiment of incompetence, I know of such a person who will be job hunting on January 21, 2009. And he does have a track record in sports, as the former co-owner of the Texas Rangers. Can you hold off that long before making any more personnel moves?

Still on the subject of basketball: Ashley Furniture sold furniture earlier in the season with the promise that customers’ money would be refunded, effectively giving them the furniture for free, if the Memphis Tigers win the NCAA tournament this year. With the Tigers only four games away from doing just that, the Tennessee Attorney General has issued an opinion that what the furniture store is doing amounts to illegal gambling. It’s non-binding and the store’s owner still plans to go ahead with the refunds if the Tigers win, but the opinion could lead to criminal charges being filed if that happens. I’m not a lawyer but I assume the charge would be operating an illegal gambling house or something similar.

Downtowners can learn how to do the Hustle during the month of April. No, not the type of hustle where panhandlers create sob stories to scam money from tourists. The Hustle, the circa-1975 disco dance craze. YMCA is offering classes Tuesdays and Thursdays during the month of April, 8-9 PM, for a charge of $50. Blast!!! Why did they have to do it on Tuesdays? That’s trivia night. I’d seriously go to the classes if it would not mean abandoning my team for five weeks. People who’ve seen me at Raiford’s know that I’m not afraid to get down to a little disco. There will probably be some cute girls in the class too.

(Damn, I forgot to hit Publish again!  This should’ve gone up 5 yesterday. Drunk post to come.)