Vote for Pouncer

Everyone please take a minute to follow this link and vote for Pouncer, the U of M Tigers’ mascot.  Voting is being conducted to determine the best mascot in the NCAA tournament.  Go Pouncer!  Go Tigers!

(Edit:  Just noticed that Arkansas’ Big Red is also in the tournament… if you to vote for Big Red instead of Pouncer, I wouldn’t have a problem with it.  Also noticed that TENNESSEE HAS ALREADY BEEN ELIMINATED… as the big dance goes, so goes the mascot voting for the Vols.  Heh.  Looking forward to drinking that beer on your tab, Hank.)

Probably won’t be 5 posts in a 24-hour period as happened yesterday… work is about to pick up… soon as I get with a third-party data provider, I’ll be programming like a madman for the rest of the workday.  Then I’ll be partying like a madman at the Saucer, Trolley Tour, and a private party in South Main.  hmmm raifords is on the way home  If any big news comes up today I’ll throw up a quick post.