Crawfish boil @ Calhoun’s Sunday afternoon

Calhoun’s will boil 100 pounds of crawfish on their back deck Sunday afternoon.  Bar will open at 3:30, crawfish will be served starting at 4.  You can get them for $3.50 a pound until they run out.

Whew… Sunday’s looking like a full day for me… brunch at the Monkey… crawfish at Calhoun’s… the Dempseys at Huey’s.

Last night, I walked to the Saucer, but upon seeing the NASTY beer they had put on Fire Sale (Turbo Dog) I kept right on walking all the way to the Blue Monkey, where I enjoyed bottles of PBR at happy hour prices.  Then at 7 I moved on to Calhoun’s for dollar Old Style as there was a Cubs game on.  Hung out there ’til 9:30 or so, then stopped by the Saucer for one Dos Equis Lager, then hit Itta Bena for Caroline’s bon voyage party.  Fun night.  Got home to find that my new camera had arrived.  Yay.  The battery is charging now.  I brought the manual to work with me… running a file-processing program that takes an hour to process the current batch I’m working on, so during the wait time I’ll learn how to use the camera.

The Saucer removed some popular beers recently causing a lot of protest, but I learned there was a good reason for it… gas prices.  Shipping costs have gotten high for some of those beers that they’d have to charge in the neighborhood of 7 bucks a pint to break even.  Even though I drive the car once a month, gas prices are still affecting my life.

Heard Ground Zero has a good happy hour… may check it out today, depending on whether or not the Saucer has a good Fire Sale beer.

Back later today with the Thursday “what’s going on” post.