Tuesday update

Last night I did Pint Nite at the Saucer, where my Hawaiian Shirt Paradise store received a testimonial from my friend Bicycle Bobby. “I bought a shirt from the store,” he told me, pictured below. “It is by far THE BEST Hawaiian shirt I have ever owned.” That is not faint praise by any means – Bicycle Bobby owns about 150 Hawaiian shirts.

He found it in the “Parrots” category (Hawaiian shirts with parrots on them). He says that authentic Hawaiian shirts that are made in Hawaii run on the small side, so it’s not a bad idea to order one size larger than you usually wear.

The Saucer started to get real crowded about 9:30 – for some reason it was a frat party in there early on – so I decided it was time for a change of venue. “I want to go someplace a lot quieter,” I thought. “Hmmm, Meghan’s the bartender at Big Foot tonight, so there won’t be anyone at the bar… I’ll go there.” Sure enough, all the bar seats were open when I arrived.

Meghan told me that the Travel Channel will be at Big Foot Friday afternoon, to film an episode of a new show, Man vs. Food. No doubt the show will focus on people’s attempts to down the 4 lb. Sasquatch burger (7 1/2 lb. with condiments) in one hour or less. There will also be a panel of scientists debating whether bartender Meghan is indeed a member of the bigfoot/sasquatch manimal species.

While there, I noticed that Matt from McGuinness (there were two Matts, this is the shorter one with the goatee) was training to be a bartender at Big Foot.  Great decision to put him behind the bar… that will bring a loyal Saucer regular/Saucer staff/former McGuinness regular crowd in.  I hope they give him some night shifts.

The Orpheum is having a costume parade for its Friday, August 1 showing of Gone with the Wind. It will be a hoop skirt parade, with ladies in Civil War-era outfits getting to parade across the stage before the start of the show.

There will be another costume event at the Orpheum later in August… details to come on that one, I have a reason for holding up the announcement for a few days.

The Orpheum Summer Movie Series, by the way, has been doing very well. The showing of “Steel Magnolias” drew 700 people, even though the movie was being shown on TV at the same time. I hear lots of ladies made it a Girls’ Night Out. They had $3 cosmos for sale. Another 800 showed up for “The Sound of Music” the following night. Those classic movies look great on a classic big screen. Entry is $5 each, and all movies start at 7:15, except “Rocky Horror Picture Show” on September 19 which will start at 8. Ticket packages of 10 tickets for $40 are available.

Time to get some stuff done on my next website, then grab some lunch.  Back later.