(updated info) Downtown employees, be on alert for this individual

Update Fri 7/31:  The assault actually happened in the parking garage across the alley.  The woman was talking on her cell phone, so she was somewhat distracted and not paying attention to her surroundings.  The individual described below followed her into the garage and assaulted her as she was waiting for the elevator.

I’ve also learned that the suspect is middle-aged.  A reader saw him out this morning and thought “crackhead” until he saw the outfit described below, with the badge.  Everyone be on the lookout for this guy.

I was e-mailed a report today of a woman who was assaulted outside of the One Commerce Square building Downtown.  When she got off work, she walked out the alley entrance, followed by an African-American male, 5’10”, slim, short hair, in a white shirt, dark dress pants, with a badge clipped to his waist.  He then assaulted her in the alley.

This is the second time I have heard of someone fitting this description following/attempting to assault people as they were leaving work.  Also, I work in the Falls Building a couple of blocks away at Front and Court, and we had a woman quit last week because she thought someone was following her to her car.

If you work in the Downtown core, please use extra caution as you walk to your cars.  Take the extra time to avoid cutting through alleys.  The police have been notified of this individual and hopefully he will be caught soon.