Wed update: Trivia night, Lansky Bros. gets award

Posting on my lunch break from the Second Street Branch Office.

For those of you who miss Wednesday trivia nights at McGuinness, there’s a new place to play trivia right up the street. The Corner Bar at the Peabody (Second at Union) does trivia every Wednesday night starting at 8 PM. I’ve heard it’s pretty fun, and I’ve also heard it hasn’t been very well attended the past few weeks (partly my fault for forgetting to blog it), so you may have an opportunity to swoop in and claim some easy prizes. As opposed to playing trivia Tuesday nights at the Saucer, where you have to compete against 20-some-odd teams, the most formidable of which being the Rapscallions. The Rapscallions picked up another first-place win last night, bringing our total gift certificate stash to $410.

Congratulations to Lansky Bros., the clothier in the Peabody Hotel, which received an achievement award from MR Magazine, a New York fashion trade magazine, last week. The magazine’s Uptown/Downtown awards notes those fashion retailers who have shown innovation in their work. Lansky Bros. received the award because of the Downtown Memphis store’s influence on fashion around the world. More info in this Daily News article (you’ll have to scroll down, it’s the fifth story). In addition to their most famous client, Elvis, the store has clothed other music legends as well, including B.B. King, Johnny Cash, Isaac Hayes, and Robert Plant.

Last night I heard that the Bennigan’s and Steak and Ale chains have filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy and will close immediately. Wow… Steak and Ale… that’s a chain I thought would never close. I remember eating at the Little Rock Steak and Ale when I was about 3 years old. The MBJ reports that the Bennigan’s on Poplar will stay open, because it is a franchise store that is not owned by the corporation. No word on the Steak and Ale further down Poplar.

The MBJ also reports that Downtown condo sales have turned around, at the brisk pace of 21 units last month, on par with June 2007, and up from an abysmal 8 units sold in May.

Plans for the night: I’m going to meet up with some friends at Blues City to catch The Dempseys at 8:00. Apparently this is a weekly ritual of theirs. “We go watch the Dempseys and drink,” they told me, “and once we’re sufficiently drunk enough we walk down to EP’s and do karaoke.” Note that when we get to EP’s, I won’t be singing, just observing those who do.

Two days until I announce the BFF of the Month for August.  BFF candidates who want to make a last-minute case for themselves better do it quick.