Behind a content filter at work? Here’s a way around it

Does your work have a content filter that blocks some of your favorite sites?  Here’s a possible way to do an end-run around the filter.  There’s a new service called WebToMail that will e-mail to you any web page you request.  Here’s how it works:

1) Send an e-mail to, with the URL of the site you want to see in the subject line.

2) Wait a few minutes, and the requested web page appears in your e-mail Inbox.

By the way, I found this service through LifeHacker, a site that’s definitely worth bookmarking.  The LifeHacker blog has tons of posts about sites and products to make your life more productive.  Worth checking frequently – it’s updated even more often than my blog is.  I checked it last night at 6:30 before going out, and when I checked it again this morning, there were 5 new posts.