Need a new watch?

Just noticed that Amazon is doing a one-day-only sale on Bulova watches today.  Many of them are diamond-accented, and are selling for about 45-55% off their retail price today only.  Furthermore, since it’s Amazon you don’t pay sales tax, which means you save another 9.25% if you’re reading this from Tennessee.

If you’re reading this after Wednesday, July 2, 2008, the link above won’t be valid… sorry. comments on CA commentary

On Sunday, an opinion piece appeared in the Commerical Appeal by writer Skipford M. Blank.  Blank, known as “Skippy” to friends and as “Christopher Blank” to his readers, wrote about paying Memphis dues.  By “paying dues” he means money or possessions given up due to being a burglary or robbery victim in one of the nation’s most crime-ridden cities.  You can read his editorial here.  Blank refers to himself as a “badass,” and I don’t think anyone who has seen Skippy in person would dare disagree. followed up with an editorial of their own.  Although they agreed with most of what Blank wrote, they made one addition:  Memphis dues include money given to the street people, bums, vagrants and panhandlers who harass you as you try to go about your business in this city.

Two very interesting articles.  Worth a read in your free time.

Beer recommendation

Had a good beer last night… New Belgium’s Mothership, which is a spiced Belgian-style ale. You can get it in a 22 oz. bottle for $8 at the Saucer. If the price tag seems a bit high, keep in mind that you’re getting almost two regular-sized beers for that amount.

Reminds me of when I used to watch WCW Saturday Night, and commentator Dusty Rhodes would refer to the show as “the mothership” even though it was their #3 show, behind Nitro and Thunder… it would have the worst wrestlers in the entire company competing against each other, and Dusty would comment that they’re “trying to get to the pay winda.”

The Saucer carries two other New Belgium beers now, Fat Tire (which has been requested by many people) and 1554. Both come in 22 oz. bottles.

Congrats to the Rapscallions last night, who won a tie-breaker question to claim first place in trivia, bringing our total to $260 (I think – need to do a count). The tie-breaking question: What percentage of the national budget was spent on national defense in 1945? The correct answer was a whopping 89%. This is the kind of thing Dick Cheney fantasizes about when he’s all alone.

People have asked how my online stores have been doing… just checked the reports for June and figured I’d tell you. My stores are storefronts for, and generate referral fees when someone orders through them (Amazon takes care of the credit card processing and shipping). For June I had 62 items shipped and 71 items ordered from all my stores combined. I get a 6.5% commission on all items shipped during the month (Amazon’s commission rate is a sliding scale between 4% and 8.5% depending on the month’s volume). Of those, 4 were from Pro Wrestling Book and Video, 2 were from American Flag Merchandise, and the other 56 were from the Tube Top Boutique. It’s not that tube tops are more popular than wrestling videos or flags; it’s that the tube top store has been around for a year and Google trusts it as not a fly-by-night, so it rewards the store in search results (it’s been averaging about 500 hits a day). The other stores are less than a month old, so Google is still building trust in them. They’ll be getting hundreds of hits within 6 months, I predict.

There’s an article in the CA this morning about Muvico closing and on the planned renovations for Peabody Place.

More stuff to come, but I’ve got to get to work. There will be another post today.

Some people are in for a surprise today Downtown

This morning I ran into the Center City Commission’s safety director, who is in charge of the Downtown safety patrol.  One of the patrol’s major tasks is thwarting aggressive panhandling.  The patrol was originally scheduled to run as a trial program from April 1 to June 30.

The safety director told me that when the patrol has run bums off this past week, the bums have said, “You go ahead and run us off.  We know that you won’t be here anymore after June 30 and we’re going to go right back to doing what we were doing before.”

So there should be an influx of bums into the Downtown area ready to harass people and make some money.  Boy will they be surprised when they find out that the patrol has been renewed for another 12 months.  They may have been able to survive for a few months on their reduced panhandling revenue, but will they really be able to last for another year?

Bye bye bums!  It may be time for some of these MFers to turn to the thing they fear the most: employment.

BFF of the Month

It’s time to name the BFF (Best Friend Forever) of the Month for July.

But before I do, let me give a shout-out to June BFF of the Month Suzy, who went way above and beyond the call of duty, helping me plan one of the best parties ever.  She was a fantastic BFF throughout the month and I can’t say enough good things about her.

Even though Suzy set an incredibly high standard for BFF of the Month, I have every reason to believe that my choice for July BFF will live up to it.

This month’s pick is a case where I never specifically asked for input from my readers, but nevertheless got plenty. And after weighing it all, I have decided that my readers are absolutely spot-on with their advice.

There were several good contenders…

First we have Melissa, who bartends at one of my favorite restaurants, Itta Bena. She’s smart, fun to be around, looks great in a tube top. Plenty of reasons to vote for her as my BFF.

Then there’s Stephanie, who coordinates the excellent Downtown Alive program for the Center City Commission. She hangs out at the same places I do when she’s off work, and owns more tube tops than anyone I’ve ever seen. Plenty of reasons to vote for her as my BFF.

Then there’s Meghan, trying to regain her BFF status. Reasons to select her include… um……. well, let’s see… uh… er… um… geez, there’s gotta be something…… um…… man this is a tough one. Well, she does bartend at Big Foot, a place where I really enjoy hanging out and drinking.

So those were the main people I posted as candidates for the July BFF of the Month title. June BFF Suzy said I need to make a crown, because it’s only appropriate for her, as the outgoing BFF, to crown the new BFF. I’m workin’ on that. Been busy throwing tube top parties lately, you know.

So anyway… I laid out the choices… and my readers spoke.

And most of them said the same thing. And I agree.

They made the right call.

So… the July BFF of the Month is… NONE OF THE ABOVE.

Not that they didn’t deserve it.  Well, Melissa certainly deserves to be BFF of the Month.

So does Stephanie.

But not this month.

Because most all of my readers told me the same thing…


So it won’t be necessary to make that crown until the first of August. Meet the BFF of the Month for July, Suzy.

Tuesday update: Cheap beer on Thursday, Canada Day pics, reality TV from Memphis, hot wing coupons

Thursday, July 3 is the beginning of an extended weekend for most people. Here’s where you can kick off the weekend with some cheap beer after you get off work:

Speaking of Big Foot, here’s a link to my photo album for their Canada Day 2008 celebration their past Sunday. Selected photos from that album:

Pete posing with a Canadian Mountie

When Canadian beer is only $2 a bottle, you can afford to double-fist them.

In other news: The Memphis Business Journal reports that a new reality TV show, “Real Vice Cops Uncut,” will air on Spike TV beginning in August. The new show was partially filmed in Memphis and focuses on the world of narcotics, prostitution, and gambling. I’m sure they found PLENTY of material to shoot here in Memphis.

Also in the MBJ: KFC rolls out a new “Hotter than Hell” promotion. Between now and July 4, you can get on KFC’s site and check your local temperature and the temp in Hell, Michigan. If you’re the first person from your city to get on the site between 3 and 6 PM and report that your city is hotter than Hell, you can win a $3 voucher for hot wings from KFC.

Only made it through 6 beers at Pint Nite last night. Guess I was tired from the weekend.

Check back later today for the BFF of the Month announcement.