Not a late-night person? Tonight’s your change to party at the Disco

If you’ve heard about all the fun that happens at Hollywood Disco (formerly Raiford’s) at 2 or 3 AM, but you just can’t stay up that late, tonight is your chance to experience it at a much earlier hour.  The Travel Channel will be there to film tonight, and they need a packed house at 6 PM.  There’s no cover until 9, so put on your boogie shoes and come on down.

I’m pleading with everyone who loves the Disco to come out and support the new owners and make the place look like a million dollars.  A little over a year ago, we thought the Disco was gone forever when Raiford retired and closed the club.  The new owners gave it back to us.  This is our chance to say “thank you” by making the place look great on TV.

I’ll be there in my “Disco Paul” persona by 6 PM.  Come on down and join me!

Kudos to the Memphis Flyer on an outstanding Best of Memphis party, held last night on the grounds of the Metal Museum.  Great food from the BOM restaurant winners, talented band, fun party space.  Since it’s not really accessible from the rest of Downtown I drove the car, and the engine got an extra workout when I took the wrong exit on the way back and had to go 4 miles into Arkansas and turn around.  Last time I bought gas was the last week of August.  Total miles on the car since then, counting last night: 14.

After the party I hit the Saucer for a beer, then remembered that the St. Jude scientists/October BFF candidates Jenny and Michelle had said they’d be at Blues City watching the Dempseys.  So I headed down there.  Many pictures were taken – although none with my camera, so I don’t have any to post.  “Come on Paul, pose with your new BFFs,” they said, and I reminded them they are BFF candidates for October and have not won.  English Jenny denigrated the competition.  “Really, Paul,” she said.  “Don’t you think you should stop choosing barmaids as your BFFs?”  “Barmaids.”  You gotta love the British.  Not really a strong argument, though, considering I spend more time in bars than I do sleeping or at work.  Seems like a “barmaid” would be a natural pick.  What they should have done was to try to draw comparisons between BFF candidate Lauren and former BFF Meghan, who was a total disaster.

So, Rick Springfield was in the audience, and trying to keep a low profile, but the Dempseys coaxed him up on stage to play a song on Brad’s guitar, and he totally rocked the place.  After that the Dempseys said, “We’re taking a break, there’s no way we can follow that,” and the Blues City people put “Jesse’s Girl” on the PA.

After that I stopped by Bardog Tavern to join John Bragg and his employees for a drink to celebrate their “Best Restaurant” win.  The place is coming together.  They’ll be open for lunch next week, and since it’s a block from work I’ll probably be in there quite a bit.

Back to work.  Today’s meeting day.  Yay meetings.  Actually I’m looking forward to this one because I have something cool to demo.  After work I’ll stop by the Saucer for a happy hour Dos Equis Lager, then head to the Disco.

Oh – one more thing – probably not gonna get by the Saucer until after work, so if anyone knows the Fire Sale e-mail or text it to me and I’ll post it.