Sick again

Apologies to everyone I barely spoke to last night at Trolley Tour and at the South Main Dirty Dozen party.  I didn’t realize it until I got home, but apparently I had food poisoning or some kind of stomach virus… had 102 fever when I got home.  Feeling better today – still a fever though.  If I go out it won’t be until 9:30 when Funk DeVille plays the Saucer.  If anyone knows the Fire Sale, e-mail or text it to me and I’ll update.

I did recover for a little while last night, for the Mpact Memphis debate watch party at the Red Rooster.  I got a great seat right in front of one of the TVs, and more importantly, at the bar.  Special thanks to Sam (my vote for Memphian of the Year in the Flyer’s poll) for keeping me well supplied with water as well as booze.  I re-joined Mpact last night.  I don’t expect to get actively involved in their event planning as I was in the ’02-’05 period, but I do plan to attend more of their events.  You can check out their calendar on their website.

The debate:  I don’t think either candidate got a decisive win.  I think Obama did slightly better, but that could be my bias because I plan to vote for him.  Going into the debate he was at +4.2% in the RealClearPolitics national average, and I think he’ll improve to +5.0% by the end of the weekend as a result of the debate.

Afterward I watched Aquanet play for a little while.  Then I headed to South Main for the Dirty Dozen party at E&H… unfortunately I was starting to feel ill again and only stayed for one drink.  Wandered home, took my temperature, realized I was sick, went to bed.

Probably not going out tonight.  Need to stay home and rest.