Blog sick leave

My blogging the past 5 days has not been up to par.  For those of you who just tuned in due to the Memphis Flyer award thing, I hope you’ll come back a few days more and give me a chance.  Wed-Fri nights after work I had too many events to attend and was dead tired throughout.   Then Friday day at work I could feel myself coming down sick.  I already had stuff lined up for Friday night, so I attempted to make it, but it was not pretty.  Spent almost all day in bed Saturday, got out today for a little while but still feel far from normal.  Give me a few more days to get this blog back up to my usual low standards.

I did make it out for a little while today.  Notes:

– I missed brunch at Calhoun’s yesterday because I was sick.  The main reason why was, I was afraid Lauren would put on her Tennessee Vols shirt and I’d puke brunch back up.

– By the way, a decision on the BFF of the Month for October matter will come TOMORROW.  Monday, September 29.  Yes I realize that’s two days early but I’m tired of debating this.

– Went to the Saucer tonight, where bartenders Brittney and Jennifer were behind the bar.  Meaning, Jennifer was unloading freshly-washed glasses, putting used glasses in the container for the next dishwasher load, getting the servers drinks, and getting her bar patrons drinks; meanwhile Brittney was at the far end of the bar standing there and talking to people.  Anyway, Jennifer had a BRILLIANT idea for my Halloween costume this year.  Not 100% sure it’ll happen, because it’s a costume that would have to be done with another person.  But it’s brilliant.

– I also had an idea how to run the bums out of Downtown, or at least make life harder on them.  It involves lamp posts.  Details to come.

– I have a post typed up giving advice to people applying for jobs in IT.  This one’s been done for a couple days, just wanted to wait for a weekday to post it.

– Oh and I found out where the Nuh-Uh Girl eats lunch.

Again, if you’re new, please bear with me and one of these days I’ll post useful stuff.  I’ve just got to get to feeling like myself again.