Halloween listings, vegan restaurant Downtown?, Saucer trivia canceled Tue, more

This week’s Livin’ it Up in Downtown Memphis is out.  Check it out to learn about all the Halloween parties that will be going on Downtown Friday night, as well as for info about RiverArtsFest and other Downtown events happening within the next 7 days.  They have a blurb about Alcenia’s appearance on the Food Network next Monday at 9.  Wonder where they learned about that?  Don’t forget that you can subscribe to Livin’ it Up to have it delivered to your Inbox every Thursday.

BLAST IT ALL!!!  I missed the CCC’s tour of Downtown manhole covers today at lunchtime!  I wanted to go on that, but got so wrapped up in last night’s website discovery that I totally forgot!

I just heard a rumor that a vegan restaurant may be coming to Downtown Memphis.  Needless to say, that does not appeal to me at all, but I’ll get the info for my vegan readers.  My health guru AL is probably jumping up and down clapping her hands right now.

Also, I just learned that trivia at the Flying Saucer is canceled next Tuesday due to election night.  Not sure if the Saucer plans on putting the sound on for the results or running any kind of specials, but I’m here right now, having just got done with a business meeting, and will find out.

Lazy, do-nothing, sit-on-her-ass Brittney is bartending today.  Normally that’d be enough to drive me straight out the door after my business meeting, but I can’t wait to show Brittney what I found on a certain website’s archives last night, since Brittney and Meghan are good friends.

Oh and the fire sale is Yazoo Pale Ale.  I haven’t used Twitter to update the “what’s the fire sale” box yet today.