Manic blogging: Cafe 61 Halloween

Is it possible for bloggers to suffer from manic depression, but only as it relates to blogging?  If so, I must be in my manic phase right now.  What is this, the 7th or 8th post within 24 hours, after what was admittedly several days of subpar blogging to start the week?

Just got back from the Second Street Branch Office where I had my business meeting.  On the way back, I saw a sign advertising Cafe 61’s Halloween plans for Friday night, and figured I’d pass on the info:

The manager at the Saucer was in the back doing inventory, so I didn’t get a chance to ask him what election night festivities will be going on in place of trivia.  There were signs saying “watch election night results here,” so that’s encouraging.  If I can verify that they’ll have the results on with sound, and won’t change the channel if some putz comes in and goes, “D-UH, ME LIKE FOOTBALL, ME WANT TO WATCH THE MIAMI-BUFFALO GAME” which is that night, and if they can promise a good Fire Sale, I’ll likely be there for at least a while that night.

All right, time to get my costume together.  Will be at Jillian’s/Saucer between 7:30 and 9, then will head to Big Foot.  Wishing I had a “PIMP” goblet to carry on my Halloween costume server tray for some reason.