Fri update: Big Foot recap, new unit of measure

Big Foot’s party last night was a blast as always.  Best costume of the night was definitely my buddy Frank, who is trying to get on the Hot Chicks with Douchebags site.  He dressed up in three shirts with popped collars, the outer one, of course, being pink.  He also had spiked gelled hair, douchey sunglasses, and bandana around his head.  He carried a backpack with him that had “Summer’s Eve” printed on it, so he was a douchebag carrying a douchebag.  Well done!  I didn’t do a very good job snapping pics last night… if anyone has a pic of Frank I can post, please send it to me.

That site continues to provide hours and hours of entertainment for me as I make my way backward in time through the archives… late Wednesday night I was reading the November 2007 archives, when I came across this post explaining why Jeffy from the Family Circus is a douchebag.  Great stuff.

I’ve wasted so much time reading the HCwDB site that I’ve come up with my own unit of measure for it.  You may have heard of the erg, a physics term that measures work.  Specifically, one erg is equal to the work done by the force of one dyne acting over a distance of one centimenter.  Well, I think it’s time to invent a new unit of measure, the brittney, which measures laziness.  One brittney equals the amount of laziness needed to sit on one’s ass for one hour and not work.  I’d estimate that I exerted 3.23 brittneys Wednesday night reading HCwDB.

As for my own costume… meh.  I’m definitely getting bored with the Saucer Girl costume, and tonight will surely be its swan song.  I honestly wasn’t thrilled about bringing it back for a fourth year, but girls love it for some reason (at least some of them do), it doesn’t cost me anything since I already own it, and I make tips.  Reminds me… let’s see how much tip money I made last night… $6.47, not bad for a night’s work.

Still unsure what I’ll end up doing tonight.  Having Halloween on a Friday is a total clusterf**k because everyone tries to do their parties the same night (except Big Foot, which was a smart move).  I’m scheduled to work the 4:00 shift on the floor at the Saucer, so I’ll probably show up there about 4:35.  It’s trolley tour night but I don’t know if I’m excited enough about it to go down there.  My apartment building’s party starts at 8, and I definitely plan to make it to that one for a while.  After that, completely undecided.  One option is a large party about a mile south of where I live.  Another option is a party about a mile to the east.  Or I may just remain at my own building for the duration.  I’ll know more people if I go south, but I suspect that the very important “hot girls in skimpy costumes” quotient will be higher at my own building’s party and the one to the east.  After 8 I’m going to play it by ear and spontaneously decide where to go.

More to come today – info on cheap beer and hot girls at RiverArtsFest tomorrow, and I have more photos of “Killer” the lost dog to post.  I’ll wrap this up with a couple of questions:

Q:  What would you call it if Big Foot bartender Meghan put on a Frankenstein mask for Halloween?

A:  A big improvement.

Q:  What would you call it if Meghan dressed up as a mime for Halloween?

A:  An even bigger improvement.  Mimes don’t talk.