More pics: Lost male Yorkie “Killer”

Here are some more pics of “Killer,” a gray, tan, and black male Yorkie lost last Saturday at the Famers Market (Front at GE Patterson).  He’s wearing a tan jacket.  There’s a $1000 reward.  Call 262-6367 or 493-4387 if you find him.

Use extreme caution in your attempts to rescue this animal.  One need only take one look at this dog to realize he is a killing machine.  This blog cannot be responsible if you are mangled beyond recognition as you try to return Killer to his owner.

Seriously, though – the owner misses him very much and would like to have him back, so please keep your eyes peeled, especially around the Farmers Market area.

Wouldn’t it be funny if celebrity panhandler “J.J.” who works the South Main area found Killer and collected the reward?