Additional lunch options Downtown this week, and the return of The Window Game

I just took a walk around Downtown, and realized that today is the first day of the annual COGIC convention.  That means that Downtowners have additional dining options for lunch:  Every year several food vendors set up shop at the corner of Main and Exchange to serve the COGIC crowd.  Most of these vendors sell soul food.  I’ve walked up there the past couple of years for lunch, and it’s GOOD.  The vendors don’t care whether you’re a COGIC member or not, at least not from what I’ve experienced; if you have money, they’re happy to sell you food.  With sunny weather and temps in the 70s at least through Wednesday, why not walk or trolley up there and give them a try?  It’s something different than the usual Downtown lunch spots, and you can find park benches nearby on the Civic Center Plaza where you can sit and eat.

The COGIC convention has also made me realize, it’s time to bring back The Window Game.  This is something we created last year, where we count what we see from the Flying Saucer’s windows in various categories:  bums, cars going the wrong way down Second, cars turning left from other than the left lane, appearances by Downtown homeless person Scratchy, police cars, etc.  You can also invent your own custom categories (in the spring and summer I add a “tube top” category).  It’s a lot of fun to sit there and drink and play the game.

The Window Game: COGIC version is even more fun, because we add COGIC courtesy cars and vans as a new category, and also sequined hats.  Last year we ran out of room on the scorecard counting those.  This year I think I’ll print up some full-page scorecards so there’s plenty of room.

Since I can make my own schedule these days, I’m going to back up my arrival time at Pint Nite to 4:30, so I have a better chance of getting a window seat.

More to come this afternoon:  I just learned that one of those really cool new enivronmentally-friendly houses in Uptown is for rent.  Details to be posted in a couple of hours, after I get some work done.