An oft-forgotten gem Downtown

This afternoon or tomorrow I’m going to visit an oft-forgotten gem in Downtown Memphis to do some shopping.  I’m going to head to the Wonder/Hostess thrift store at Danny Thomas and Monroe.

Although they’re best known for Hostess snack cakes, you can actually do quite a bit of your grocery shopping there.  They have really good breads, a selection of canned goods, and other household necessities.

In addition, instead of paying a dolla or more for Hostess Fruit Pies at Walgreen’s or Jack’s, you can pick them up at the thrift store for less than half that amount.  The only downside is that the expiration dates might be 10-12 days away rather than 3 weeks.  So what?  It’s been my experience that Hostess fruit pies don’t last very long in my household.  Plus you can find flavors (lemon, peach) rarely seen in stores.

I thought of the Hostess thrift store because a certain health guru is dragging her feet delivering a meal plan she promised me.  So, I’m going to create my own meal plan centered around Hostess HoHos.  Why HoHos?  Because the creator of the Hot Chicks with Douchebags site eats HoHos while he types and upload photos.  He’s known to be a PBR drinker, so clearly he’s a man of quality whose mannerisms should be emulated.

My health plan also includes lots of vitamin C, which is why I’m off to the Second Street branch office for a little while to squeeze lots of limes into pints of Dos Equis Lager.