Monday night happenings Downtown

It’s cheap to drink at Big Foot Lodge when Monday Night Football is on.  Just bring two dollars to drink on and a dog biscuit to leave as a tip for Meghan, and you’ve bought yourself a 34 oz. Super Cold Coors Light and a ringside seat for Monday Night Football on their 6 TVs.  They also have $3 blue kamikazes, $4 100 proof tequila shots, and 24 wings for $9.99 while the game is on.

Lots of other stuff to do Downtown tonight as well… Di Anne Price on the piano in the Westin lobby… $10 unlimited bowling at Jillian’s… team trivia at the Downtown Monkey (8:00) and Huey’s (9:00)… Calhoun’s usual $1.50 PBR all day, every day with MNF on its 5 TVs… the all day, every day $1 domestics at Hooters… the all day, every day $2.50 PBR at Bardog Tavern ($1.50 from 5 to 7)… and, of course, my favorite, Pint Nite at the Flying Saucer, with almost all pints $2.75.

Majestic and Rooster news still to come… will post later today or tomorrow.