Excellent lunch buffet at Rumba Room, trolley info for this week, Ghost River brewery to offer public tours

Last night I received a tip that the Rumba Room is now doing a lunch buffet, so I decided to check it out today.  It was outstanding.  It cost me $6.75 and had lasagna with a Venezuelan white sauce, Cuban black beans and rice, a Colombian stew with hunks of beef, chicken fajitas, arepas, and fried plantains.  If you work anywhere near the trolley line, this buffet is worth a ride for lunch.  The Rumba Room is on South Main between Pontotoc and Vance, next door to Pearl’s Oyster House.  You can go to their website for more info about their menu and salsa dancing.

Speaking of the trolley line, the Blue Suede Brigade handed me some information on my way back from my Mountain Dew run to Walgreens.  They will have 25 cent trolley rides Wednesday through Friday of this week.

There will be some alterations in the trolley line on Friday, November 28 due to the holiday parade.  The trolley will run as normal until 3 PM.  The Riverfront line will shut down completely from 3 PM to 7 PM.  The Main Street line will run from Auction to Madison only from 3 to 7 PM.  The Madison line will maintain regular operations, which means you’ll never see the damn thing and will eventually give up and walk.  A MATA shuttle will run between Peabody Place and Talbot between 3 PM and 7 PM.

I’m trying to get a clarification on Big Foot Lodge’s Turkey Tip-Off.  The sign on their front door says it will be tomorrow, November 26.  However, the Facebook listing for the event says it will be Thanksgiving Day, November 27.  In any event, I’ll probably show up there tomorrow at 11 AM for lunch and a Super Cold Coors Light.  Worst case scenario, I’ll have to pay $4 for 34 ounces of beer rather than $2.  Wait, now that I think about it, worst case scenario is Meghan behind the bar, regardless of beer price, but I think she has tomorrow off.

Starting on December 8, Ghost River Brewery, the brewing arm of Boscos, will offer brewery tours every Saturday at 1 PM.  You’ll be able to see the operation and learn how water from the Memphis Sands Aquifer is turned into beer.  The tour will be free but reservations are required.  Call 901-278-0087 x203 or e-mail info@ghostriverbrewing.com for reservations.

I’m excited about the start of 2009 because my health guru AL is designing a meal plan for me.  She says she’s going to come up with ways for me to live healthier, without me having to give up Mountain Dew or beer.  I’m looking forward to it.

I’m also looking forward to the start of 2009 because that’s the projected opening date of the Downtown Dunkin’ Donuts.  Mmmm donuts.