Flip Cup tourney @ Rooster Sat, Thanksgiving openings

There will be a flip cup championship tournament at the Red Rooster on Saturday afternoon.  Here are the details I got from Facebook:  Gates open at 1 with cornhole and tricycle races, practice from 2 to 3, tournament draw at 3:30, and the Memphis Flip Cup Championship begins at 4.  Hmm… yep, there’s a very good possibility I’ll show up for this one.  For more details get on Facebook and search for “3rd Annual Memphis Flip Cup Championships.”

Updated list of what will be open Thanksgiving:

  • Westy’s
  • Wang’s
  • Flying Saucer (at 5)
  • Calhoun’s (at 5)
  • Earnestine & Hazel’s (big party starting at 8; $5 cover to go to two charities)
  • Green Beetle (I think the sign on the door said 8:30)
  • Red Rooster (at 9).  They’re having a “dance off that turkey” party with Adrenaline, ladies free til 11, balloon drop with a chance to win free cover for the rest of the year.

The Rooster will also be open Wed. night for a big pre-Thanksgiving party with Yes, No, Maybe.  So that’s three big parties going on Wed. night (Bardog, Big Foot, Rooster) plus Turkey of the Year glass night at the Saucer.

Also, the Rooster carries Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka.  Maybe I can use that as leverage to get my favorite blogger/MILF to finally venture Downtown… she can drink sweet tea vodka and watch her stupid-ass Peyton on the Rooster’s gazillion HDTVs.

Hmmm tricycle races… wonder if I’ll get to see Sam on a tricycle Saturday.  Guess I better bring the extra battery for the camera.

Oh by the way… I first saw the Flip Cup Championship on one of my Facebook friends’ pages, who plans on attending.  Another Facebook friend followed up with a comment:  “Flip cup championship?  Really… there is nothing else better in Memphis going on?”  This second friend recently hosted a tea party.  Really?  You have tea parties and yet feel qualified to comment on the appeal of other people’s events?  Some people shouldn’t be allowed out of Cordova.

OK… gonna make the trip to the Hostess store and pick up those HoHos today.  Possibly back later this afternoon with another post.