They didn’t have HoHos! Plus: Plans for this weekend

The Hostess store didn’t have HoHos!  I got a pack of 8 Streusel Cakes, a box of Hostess toaster pastries, three lemon pies and a 2-pack of Sno Balls, for those of you who are interested.

Okay.  My plans for the long Thanksgiving weekend are shaping up.  Here they are, to make it easy for any stalkers I have out there:

Wednesday: I’ll start at Big Foot at 11 AM for lunch and a 34 oz. Super Cold Coors Light.  It’s still unclear, after looking at the sign on the door and their Facebook page, whether the Turkey Tip-Off is Wednesday or Thursday, but as I mentioned earlier, at worst I’ll pay 4 bucks for the beer, which still isn’t bad.  At 6 PM I’ll go to Bardog for their Thanksgiving Eve party – Buffalo Trace specials, and a hot female bartender in a bra and chaps.  Then I’ll move on for round 2 at Big Foot, or possibly Turkey of the Year glass night at the Saucer.  Later I may hit Blues City for the Dempseys and for former BFF Michelle’s birthday.

Thursday: Saucer, 5 PM.  Yes I know about the thing at Calhoun’s, but the Saucer outranks Calhoun’s.  At some point after 8 I’ll head south for the charity Thanksgiving party at Earnestine & Hazel’s.  Debating whether to head there right at 8 and get in on the jello shots, or wait until 10 or 11.  Guess it’ll depend on how good the Saucer is.  Hopefully they’ll reward my loyalty by putting something good on Fire Sale.

Friday: Downtown Holiday Parade on South Main at 5 PM.  Trolley Tour afterward from 6 to 9.  There will probably be a stop at Calhoun’s for a PBR somewhere in there.  Plans are open-ended after 9.  At some point I’ll have to walk back to the Downtown core… hmmm Raiford’s is on the way home.  That’s a possibility.

Saturday: I’ll be at the flip cup tournament at the Red Rooster around 1 PM.  Saturday night is undetermined as of yet.

Sunday: As good as my intentions are to make it to brunch, I’ll probably sleep too late and have to catch up with the gang at the Saucer like I usually do.

As always, plans are subject to change.  Almost time to head to the Saucer for trivia.  I guess I’ll drink Foster’s Oil Cans tonight since disgusting Turbo Dog is the Fire Sale.  Maybe the beer for bonus points at trivia will be an Australian beer.