Saturday update

Halloween was the expected clustermess and I didn’t make it to any of the expected parties.  Got to the Saucer early to “wait tables,” and after drinking a couple of Roaring Lions (fake Red Bulls on tap) to wake up, I was about to leave to head to my own apartment building’s party… but then, they brought out one of the great promotions of the past.  Mystery beer.  You pay $2 to stick your hand in a tub full of bottled beer, many of them worth way more than $2, and you drink whatever you pull out.  So, for example, you might find yourself drinking a stout followed by a Mexican beer followed by an IPA.  “Drinking all those different beers right after one another is a good way to get really sick,” commented Bicycle Bobby.  Yeah.  No kidding.  By the time I walked back to my apartment building I was feeling a little dizzy, and having to walk in those 4 1/2 inch platform shoes didn’t help.  There will definitely be a new costume next year, one that doesn’t involve platform shoes.

The building’s Halloween party didn’t look like it had drawn that big a crowd.  “I’ll run upstairs and eat something, then come back down,” I thought.  So I heated up a frozen dinner and surfed the web for a few minutes.  By the time I was done eating, I thought, “You know, three of the next four days are going to be big days, with RiverArtsFest Saturday and Sunday and a big Election Night celebration on Tuesday (unless McCain somehow pulls a rabbit out of his hat).  I’m not that into Halloween this year, I’m going to get a good night’s sleep and be rested for the coming week.”  And I did.

RiverArtsFest today and tomorrow during the day… be sure to look for my friend’s booth Shane Paris Art, and remember that you can find $1.50 PBR and hot bartenders at Calhoun’s.

I’ve heard some interesting info this weekend that makes me think I’m going to have some new places to hang out.  I’ve learned that Automatic Slim’s is going through a makeover… more details to come soon, but suffice to say that they’ve hired some of the best people from the recently departed McGuinness Pub and Hoop’s Bar.  Slim’s has never been on my radar before, but from what I heard this weekend, it now will be.  I also learned that Melis’ who used to bartend at Itta Bena is now working several nights a week at LoLo’s Table.  LoLo’s has always had one of the best happy hours Downtown, so I’ll probably be showing up there more in the future.  They’ve always tended to put exceptionally cool people behind the bar, and Melis’ certainly fits right in.  Besides, I like to start at her boobies.

On the RealClearPolitics map this morning, even more bad news for John McCain… his home state of Arizona has moved into the “toss up” column.  Obama has 311 electoral votes projected solid or leaning, with 132 for McCain and 95 toss up.  270 are needed to win the election, which means McCain will not only have to win all the toss-ups, but pull some states out of Obama’s “leaning” column.

Also, Ronald Reagan’s son has officially endorsed Obama.

You’ve probably heard by now that there’s going to be a white supremacist convention in town next weekend – actually, just over the border in Mississippi, but still, in the Memphis metro area.  Next weekend is also the COGIC convention.  Imagine having both of those groups in town at the same time.

Time to head to RiverArtsFest… PBR, here I come!