Couple of things I forgot in the last post: Tigers vs. ECU, Silly Goose grand opening party

I knew I had forgotten some stuff when I hit Publish on the last post…

The Memphis Tigers have a road game tonight against the ECU Pirates at 6 PM Central Time.  It’s going to be on CSS, so any place that has Comcast cable will carry it.  Not sure where I’ll watch it, but Dos Equis Lager as the Fire Sale means I’m leaning Saucer for the watch location a lot harder than normal.  I might be talked into walking down the street to the Silly Goose, but I’m definitely not straying any farther from home than that.  Go Tigers!  We’re back up to #18/#19 in the national polls.

Speaking of the Silly Goose… they’re having a grand opening party tomorrow night, Thursday 1/29, from 7 to 11.  One of the owners gave me complete details last night, and I somehow managed to lose the piece of paper on which I took notes between there and home.  I have an e-mail in to them asking for details and will post an update when I get a response.  There’s an Mpact Memphis meeting tomorrow night at the Red Rooster from 6 to 8, and I’m going to attempt to round up people to make the short walk to the Goose afterward.

Congrats to the Rapscallions, who rolled to our 4th first-place trivia victory in 5 weeks last night.  We now have a $300 cash stash to spend at our next party, and still some more opportunities to add to it.

That’s all for now… time to get back to work.