Wed update: SMA website, speed dating, Bravo @ Center for Southern Folklore, Coco & Lilly, good Fire Sale

The South Main Association has a new website, after having domain issues with their old one.  You can go to to get the latest news from the SMA.  You can e-mail them at or call the president, Brandon Herrington, at 901-340-8882 if you have questions.  You don’t have to live in South Main to join SMA; you just have to love the neighborhood.  I live in the core, yet am a member.  Since joining 8 months ago I’ve been completely impressed with the group.  It’s a member-driven organization that gets things done.  Any one member can choose to step up and make a big difference, as happened in December when a member’s idea led to over $2,000 being raised for the Food Bank.

Rachel and the City asked me to mention that there’s a speed dating event tonight at T.J. Mulligan’s at 7 PM.  It’s for professional men and women 25-35 years old.  Each will have 10 to 12 five-minute “dates” at the event.  There’s a $14 cover charge.

Bravo Memphis, the arts group for young professionals, will host an event at the Center for Southern Folklore on Tuesday, February 3.  It will be a chance to hear real blues, with Blind Mississippi Morris and Brad Webb performing.  It’s free for members, $10 for non-members, and that cover charge includes beer, wine, and hors d’ouevres.  Bravo is a great way to network, and to get exposure to the arts in Memphis; I was a member for five years before I got too busy to make it to the events, but I still recommend it highly.  Glad to see them adding the Center, one of the true gems of Memphis, to their calendar.

As I was walking down Second last night, I noticed an “EVERYTHING 50% off” sign in Coco & Lilly’s window.  I hope that doesn’t mean they’re the latest business to leave downtown.  Perhaps they are just clearing out their winter inventory to make room for spring.  Anyway, ladies, this is a good chance for you to save some money on the latest fashions.

Earlier in the week, one of the managers at the Saucer told me he had some good news for me.  “Maybe they’ve finally fired Brittney,” I thought, pleased with the idea of life at the Saucer without my least favorite bartender.

But no, the good news had to do with beer.  “Dos Equis Lager will be the Fire Sale Wednesday,” he told me.  $2.75 pints of Dos Equis Lager all day?  I guess I’ll be working from the Second Street Branch Office today then.  I’ll be up there with my laptop shortly after it opens at 11.