Buzztime Texas Hold’em tournament tonight at Calhoun’s

Calhoun’s, the friendly sports bar on G.E. Patterson next to Cheesecake Corner, has its weekly Buzztime Trivia Texas Hold’em tournament tonight at 7 PM.

The tournament is played not on a table, but on the Buzztime trivia system, where you use blue hand-held boxes (called “crack boxes” by the regulars) to register your bets and raises.  You can view action against the other players on video screens located throughout the bar.  The boxes are easy to learn to use.  It’s free to play and is done in true tournament style – each player is given 10,000 chips, and the small and big blinds go up every 15 minutes.

Play continues until one person is left with chips, and the prize is a $15 gift certificate.  If you think that sounds small, keep in mind that PBR pints are $1.50 at Calhoun’s, so that’s 10 beers.

There are only 10 crack boxes available, so this will not be a case where you can show up at 7:10, 7:15 and still expect to get in.  I’m fairly sure they will all be spoken for by the time the tournament begins at 7.  In fact I’d recommend getting there by 6:30 if you want to play.  When the crack boxes are gone, they’re gone.  Calhoun’s, being a sports bar, will likely be busier than normal tonight, as people arrive not only to play Buzztime but to watch the Memphis vs. UAB game as well.

You do not have to be a member of the Buzztime network to participate.  As people lose in the tournament, they tend to hold on to their crack box and play Buzztime trivia on one of the other monitors.

I’ll probably get their an hour or so in advance and try their new BBQ nachos or chicken wings before poker starts.  See you there!