Friday update

I had a bad beat at the poker tournament at Calhoun’s last night.  I never went above my initial 10,000 chip allotment, and it quickly got whittled down to half.  Not sorry about the hand that took me out though.  I had AJ suited and the flop came down AJ3.  I went all-in.  Little did I know that Otto had pocket 3s, one of the few hands that could beat me.  Sucks to lose, but I wouldn’t have played that hand any differently.  I figured he had paired up an ace and I wanted to get him out of the hand before he had a chance to pair up his other hole card, which might be higher than a jack.

I did learn why playing online for real money is not the best prep to play Buzztime poker tournaments.  Online you have to manually enter your bet (or select it using a slider control), and rarely do I see people betting more than 4 x big blind in the early rounds.  On the other hand, Buzztime has easily-selected options to bet 1/2 pot or to bet pot, and people were using them aggressively last night.  I wasn’t used to those after a week online, and got scared when I saw 16 x big blind bets or more in the opening rounds of the tournament.  Didn’t play those right.  Makes me think I’ll start betting 1/2 pot to pot online, to get better prep for Buzztime tournaments, and to get more money on the table in online games.

So I was out by 7:50, and the Tiger game started at 8.  Calhoun’s was starting to get crowded beyond my capacity to want to be there, with people bumping into each other trying to get down the aisles.  So I paid my tab and headed north, eventually ending up at the Saucer, then moving to Bardog and then Voodoo Room with Glo and Flo.

Calhoun’s got their 120″ projection HDTV hooked up on the back deck last night, so it’s ready for March Madness and other spring events.

Last night I got word that there will be another series of crawfish boils on Sunday, in March and April, in the Downtown core.  More to come after they secure their beer permit for these events.  Calhoun’s already plans on doing crawfish boils on Sunday, so there will be both a core and a South Main option for crawfish.

This morning I received word that the sign in the window at 14 S. Second has been changed to “Paula & Raiford’s Disco,” and that will be the name of the place.  Talked to some people last night who went by to check the place out, and got put to work making handprints on the wall.

Not sure what I’ll do tonight.  It’s Trolley Tour but there’s rain in the forecast, so I may skip it.  Anything else fun going on Downtown?