Sunday Bloody Sunday: Bloody Mary bar and brunch at Silly Goose

Today I went to the Silly Goose to check out “Sunday Bloody Sunday,” where they have a Bloody Mary bar and hangover breakfast from noon to 5 PM.  Here are a few pics:

bloody1The setup.  You pay Ashley $3 for a glass filled with ice and vodka, then take it over to the Bloody Mary bar and add what you please.

bloody4Five different kinds of Bloody Mary mix:  Bold & Spicy, Zing Zang, regular, low sodium, and Ashley’s special mix.  They said they’re going to get Memphis Mary in future weeks but the shipment didn’t arrive in time.

bloddy2Worcestershire, Tabasco, A-1 sauce, several different types of salts and peppers.  They also had Clamato and Beefamato for those who prefer them to the five house mixes.

bloody3Celery, carrots, peppers, okra, olives, horseradish.

bloody-breakfastThe $6 hangover breakfast:  Eggs, toast, biscuits & gravy, bacon, and sausage links.  Except for the eggs this is how it came out of the kitchen, jelly already on toast.  I asked the bartender if I could borrow her Sonny Salt to top the eggs.

It was a lucky accident that I ended up at the Goose.  I was going to head to the Majestic at 11 for their brunch, but I was in an online poker room and there were a couple of people making really idiotic moves.  I knew I could clean them out if I just waited for my cards.  So I played until noon, collecting about $10 in the process.  Then I realized, “Hey, the Goose is open, why not there?”  Glad I made that decision.  The Bloody Mary bar was an excellent value and the food was also a value for $6.

I do want to address one thing here – you may have heard negative stuff about the Goose’s brunch.  This was their third Sunday to do it.  I was there for their first Sunday and they were completely unprepared.  Bloody Mary bar was not set up as promised and the food was, in a word, awful.  I decided not to blog about it, believing they would learn from their mistakes and come back with a good brunch, and they did.  If you were there the first week or if you’ve heard what happened, consider giving the Goose’s brunch another try.

Back at the Goose playing poker as I type this post… wish this morning’s poker players were still online.  This group is more challenging.  Battery is about dead, so I’m going to hit Publish and get out of here.