Thur update: Depression affects Silly Goose, free resumes, Kookamonga Challenge, and more

The Silly Goose is the latest business to be affected by what some people are now calling the second Great Depression.  In particular, it has affected their drink prices.  Every Monday from 5 to 7 PM, they’re going to offer classic cocktails (Manhattan, Rob Roy, Old Fashioned, etc.) at Depression-era prices – they’re going to sell them for a DOLLAR.  Wow.  Looks like I won’t be showing up for Pint Nite at the Saucer until 7 from now on.

In other economic news… FedEx Office (formerly Kinko’s) will print your resume for free next Tuesday.  Bring them your resume in printed or digital format, and they will print up to 25 black-and-white copies on resume-quality paper, a $5 to $10 value.  For Downtowners, there’s a FedExOffice in the Peabody Hotel, at Third and Union.

Yesterday I blogged about the Tonga Lounge with DJ Mark Anderson every Saturday at Automatic Slim’s, starting this Saturday.  I’ve since heard that this Saturday is a grand opening private party and you have to have a ticket.  So if you can’t get in this Saturday, no worries, you can go Saturday the 14th or after that.

Kooky Canuck takes its Kookamonga Challenge to the RiverKings at the DeSoto Civic Center Saturday, March 14 and 21.  Participants from the audience will be selected to try and finish the 7 lb. Kookamonga burger in under an hour.  You’ll also be able to bet on which participant you think will win, with proceeds from the betting to benefit St. Jude.

Check back later today for info on a gala fundraiser to benefit the American Cancer Society.