Job offer!

I just accepted a job offer with a non-profit company here in Memphis.  It’s exactly what I’ve been looking to do.  The job title is Webmaster, but I won’t be sitting at a computer 8 hours a day banging out code.  The position is not in the IT department but is under the Director of Marketing.  I’ll be building websites, but they have a web programmer to do the heavy coding, and a sysadmin to maintain the server.  The Director of Marketing is looking for me to suggest ways to make the existing site more user-friendly, to suggest new site ideas to broaden the organization’s audience, and to create a content management system to allow nontechnical people to upload site content.  Months ago I said that I wanted to get into marketing, and now it looks like I’m going to have that chance.

The Director of Marketing has to go out of town for a conference for over a week, so most likely my start date won’t be until Monday, March 23.  Needless to say that is just fine with me… two more weeks to finish up my freelance work, play poker online, and stay out late at the neighborhood hangouts.

Trying to throw two days off for BBQ Fest into the negotiations… we’ll see.

The offer confirms what I’ve been saying all along… that when one is job hunting, one should not take the first position that comes along, but instead wait for the right position to appear.

So this weekend I’m celebrating… no idea what I’ll be getting into tonight, other than stopping by the Tap Room at some point to wish a friend a happy birthday.  I’ll definitely be out and about though!