“I’m going to Raiford’s.” “Which one?”

I can see that, starting this weekend, there are going to be problems figuring out what people mean when they say they are going to Raiford’s.

“I’m going to Raiford’s this weekend, want to go?”

Such a question, up until now, would have referred to Hollywood Disco, the club in the same building at Mulberry and Vance where Robert Raiford ran his club from the 1970s until 2007. Even though Hollywood Disco has new owners and Raiford is no longer affiliated with the place, nearly everyone still calls it “Raiford’s,” as it’s very much a tribute to the club we remember.

However, Paula & Raiford’s Disco opens this weekend at 14 S. Second (just south of Madison). It’s being opened by Paula Raiford, Robert Raiford’s daughter, and Raiford himself will be the DJ.

So if someone tells you they’re going to Raiford’s, you’d just about have to ask for clarification… otherwise you’d risk meeting them at the wrong place.

“We’re meeting at the original Raiford’s” is vague too… would that mean the original building, which would be Hollywood Disco, or the club where you can find “the original” himself, which would be Paula & Raiford’s Disco?

“We’re going to the Disco” is also vague, because both clubs contain “Disco” in the name.

“We’re going to Hollywood’s”… nope, still vague. Hollywood Disco has that word in its name, but “Hollywood” has been Robert Raiford’s nickname for years. Still confusing.

I think we’re actually going to have to say the entire name of the club we’re going to, or at least the location – “Hollywood Disco, on Vance” or “Paula & Raiford’s, on Second.”

Funny how people tend to call a business by the first name by which they remember it. Most of my friends still call Kooky Canuck “Big Foot,” although the name changed 3 months ago. I even have friends who call the Second Street Shoppers convenience store “Carabella,” even though the two businesses shared absolutely nothing in common except location.

In other news… I continue to keep hearing how great the brunch is at Sauces. If I make it to brunch anywhere next Sunday, that’s where I’m going to be. The chorizo patty melt was especially recommended by those who went there. It doesn’t open until 12, an hour later than the time I usually head to brunch, but hey… extra hour sleep, not a bad thing.

Ate crawfish yesterday as I expected I would… but not at Orleans where I thought I would. I rode with some of the gang down to Calhoun’s, where I ate Benjie’s spicy crawfish while playing Buzztime Poker. Sunday afternoon is not a bad time to hang out there… ended up staying almost 6 hours.

Plans for tonight: Dollar depression-era cocktails at Silly Goose from 5 to 7. Pint Nite at the Saucer after that.