Two-buck Tuesdays @ Silly Goose. Also: artist website


As if dollar depression-era cocktails on Mondays 5-7 weren’t bad enough, now they had to go and do this.  Menu above is in effect 5-10 PM Tuesdays at the Goose.  I don’t know how I’m going to convince my trivia team to show up at the Saucer at 7 with this menu down the street.  Hell I’m not even sure I’ll show up.

Did you know that Downtown homeless icon Scratchy is part owner of the Silly Goose?  Abe told me so tonight.  Apparently Scratchy is not as hard up as we thought.

After Depression cocktails ended, I went over to the Saucer for a few Pint Nite Dos Equis Lagers.  Bartenders Marci, Jim, Brittany, Sarah, and Brittney were working, and I’d like to particularly single out Marci, Jim, Brittany, and Sarah for their excellent customer service.  Marci, Jim, Brittany, and Sarah truly went above and beyond the call of duty and I appreciate it and that’s why I’m a loyal Pint Nite customer.

Oh by the way Sarah is a very talented artist.  Check out MySpace page displaying her work here.

Paul’s Drunkass Food = Bardog chicken tenders tonight.  Home early, actually going to get 8 hours sleep.