Pics: Easter Keg party

Two weeks ago, Frank, Stephanie, and I pieced the clues together and found the Easter Keg that the Flying Saucer had hidden somewhere in town (it was at Dish).  Last night we collected our reward – a keg of Dos Equis Lager and a food buffet for 50.


The spread:  A sausage and cheese tray, a veggie tray, and a tray of huge mozzarella cheese sticks.


Air Traffic Mike contributed a box of assorted chocolates, and bought 50 lottery tickets for the party guests.


LAUREN’S BACK!!!  Here she is posing with Alexis prior to the start of her first bartending shift.


One of MANY trips the Nuh-Uh Girl made to the food buffet.


Terry dancing


… and afterward, exhausted from dancing.


Waiting for the keg to be tapped


Mikey staring in amazement at how much the Nuh-Uh Girl eats.


The Nuh-Uh Girl takes a break from eating to scratch off a lottery ticket.  You’ll notice that this is a different plate of food than she had in the last picture.  Stephanie and Susie look confused.  I didn’t keep an exact count how many times Susie used the word “fail” but it was at least 5.  I was a little mad at Susie because I was promised a tube top and didn’t get one.  TUBE TOP FAIL!


Always good to see the South Main Dirty Dozen.

Complete album (61 pics) here. Thanks to the Saucer for a great party.  The keg lasted a lot longer than we thought it would, an hour and a half.  Fun times with good friends… and now we get to do it all over again today at Wine Race.

The cocktail hour at a friend’s condo has been moved to the Majestic Grille, so I’m heading there at 11 to get the day started.