I love Filipina girls almost as much as Romanian girls. Also: heart attack, Flight site

Home at 10:51 PM.  Went to the Saucer tonight, bought their glass of the week.  I had my “I LOVE ROMANIAN GIRLS” shirt on, and a Filipina came up to me and gave me grief for not having a shirt on about her nationality.  So while she was in the restroom I wrote “I love Filipina girls” on a napkin and held it over my shirt as she walked back by.  She told me I misspelled “Filipina” which I knew I didn’t.  Fortuntately I had a friend there and he let me Wikipedia it on his iPhone and show it to her.  Busted.

Maybe I should rethink my international preferences.  According to my website’s tracker Filipinas buy more tube tops than Romanians.

She’s a dietician or nutritionist or something like that.  She’s not going to like this next news item, nor is my health guru AL.  After I left the Saucer I went to the Voodoo Room in the downstairs of Orleans on Front, and bartender Colin told me about the new menu item which sounds AWESOME.  It’s called the “Heart Attack” and it’s sort of a burger.  The buns are two grilled cheese sandwiches.  In between, two meat patties.  In between the meat patties, a fried egg, over easy so the yolk is pouring out in the middle.  We were talking to Chef Clint about it, and he thought it ought to come with a side of comeback sauce.  I didn’t have it tonight, but one of these days I will.  Good thing I don’t have a personal trainer like some of my friends or I’d have to do an extra 2000 situps for that.  Actually, I like to think of all the bartenders at the Saucer as my personal trainers.  Except La-Z-Britt, she sucks.  Tonight was visit number 38 for the month to the Saucer, by the way.

Flight has their menu on their website now.  I still haven’t gone in there yet.  I feel bad about that because I’ve found time to go to the Saucer 38 times this month, and yet they’re half a block from home and I keep walking back and forth past their front door.  I do want to try the place.  Soon, soon.

All right, drunk post over.  Time for bed.