Dempseys at Huey’s, 8:30 tonight

… that’s pretty much all you need to know.  Huey’s is the best place Downtown to see the band up close and personal.  It’s also their Friday as far as their work week goes, so they tend to kick back and have a lot of fun with the crowd.

Just bought my first Kindle book… and I don’t have a Kindle

I just bought my first book for the Amazon Kindle e-book reading device, despite the fact that I don’t own a Kindle.  So how did I do it?  There’s a free app for the iPhone that turns it into a Kindle.  Not a bad deal… buy an iPhone for $200 and get a free Kindle as well.

My first reading selection was National Wrestling Alliance: The Untold Story of the Monopoly that Strangled Pro Wrestling, a book about the history of the organization that controlled pro wrestling from the 1940s to the 1980s.

I enjoy reading in bed… it’s going to be nice to hold an iPhone that weighs a few ounces, rather than a book that weighs several pounds.

Sat update: Beer that tastes like bacon, DNA, new Memphis blog, and more

Time to download a few pics from the camera.  Let’s see what we’ve got:


This is what the world has been waiting for:  A beer that tastes like bacon.  They gave me a sample at the Flying Saucer a couple of days ago.  It’s called a “smokebeer.”  I have no idea what the wording on the label says.  If you like bacon and smoked meat, it’s worth a try.  It’s a big bottle – 16.9 oz. I think.  Not sure of the price, but probably somewhere in the neighborhood of $10.


Here’s a pic of Ken and Robyn Greene playing outside the Machine Shop at Trolley Tour last night.


This is the Flying Moose, one of the 34 ounce mixed drinks on the menu at Kooky Canuck.  Normally these sell for $9.99, but if you go in on Tuesday you can get them for $5 each.

Trolley Tour last night was fun, although the crowd was somewhat diminished by Italian Fest going on out east.  If anyone got pics of the Nuh-Uh Girl eating at Italian Fest, please send them to me and I’ll post.

Talked to a member of the Downtown Neighborhood Association last night… apparently the people running the organization resigned, and the board is getting new leaders in place.  For those of you who have been so frustrated by the leadership of DNA since about the beginning of 2007, it may be time to give it a second try.  Guess I’ll renew my dues, although since their meetings are on Thursdays I probably won’t attend until rooftop season ends.

The CA’s Mark Richens has a new blog that is worth a bookmark:  Links to Memphis.  Recent posts discuss the possibility of UFC coming to Memphis, and President Obama mentioning Memphis in his speech on cybersecurity.

Wendell Price, who owned Wendell’s World Beat Grill at 414 S. Main (now Safari), has been indicted on tax evasion and sales tax falsification charges.  He was arrested this week in Texas due to a Crime Stoppers tip.  More info here.

No big plans for the day… may take the laptop to the Saucer this afternoon and work for a while.  I have some ideas for new websites.

Friday update: Trolley tour, blues singer, Downtown makeover, and more

Ughhh… got up too late to have time to shower this morning. I miss working Downtown where I could walk home during my lunch break and shower. I’ll have to do it after work.

South Main Trolley Art Tour is tonight from 6 to 9. Looks like great weather and the streets should be packed. Many of the galleries will be open and serving finger food and beverages. The South Main Association will have free burgers and Boscos beer for its members. I will definitely be there, after I get my shower. Most of the time I’ll be hanging out at a friend’s porch party on Main just north of Nettleton, but I’ll hit a few galleries too.

That reminds me – This would make a good iPhone app: “Who’s serving at Trolley Tour.” Some kind of social media app where people could let everyone know which galleries have the best free food and booze. Hmmm… a “where’s the free food” app… I bet the Nuh-Uh Girl would buy an iPhone immediately if such a thing existed.

Blues guitarist, songwriter and singer Deborah Coleman will perform on the lawn of the National Ornamental Metal Museum on Saturday, June 13 at 8 PM. Her guitar style is said to reflect the influences of Jimi Hendrix, Buddy Guy, Freddie King, Albert Collins and Larry Carlton, and she won the Orville Gibson Award for “Best Blues Guitarist, Female” in 2001. Lawn tickets are $40, VIP tickets $100. Tickets available here.

Watch Channel 24 WPTY this Sunday at 10:30 PM to see the Downtown fashion fix. Tracy Mejdrich was selected to receive a Downtown makeover from local businesses including Muse, Inspired Fashions, Delphinium, Rachel’s, Runway Boutique, Energy Fitness, Lansky 126, and Main Street Dental. On this month’s episode of Definitely Downtown!, “That Other Downtown Guy,” Lee Warren, follows her as she receives her makeover.

A few links to the CA that Downtown foodies will enjoy…

Jennifer Biggs reviewed Beignet Cafe. Man their food sure sounds good. I rarely get down to South Main much anymore because the Downtown core has been hopping lately, but I may have to make a special trip down there. Those mac and cheese balls sound fantastic, and I’m not normally even a mac and cheese fan.

Chef Demitrie of Bardog Tavern was featured in this week’s “Meet the Chef.” The interview mentions the fish tacos, which I had for lunch there Monday. They were outstanding and came with a side of beans and rice.

Sam’s Hamburgers, with two locations on Main Street, was featured as a “Best Bet.” My recommendation: The chili burger, or if you go to the one farther north that has a food court, the Italian beef sandwich.

Recap of last night: Started the evening at the bar at the Saucer with a couple of friends. I looked at who was bartending and thought, “Good, Old Lazy Ass has the night off. I like being here when she’s not behind the bar.” And then I looked to my left and saw Super Duper Mega Lazy Ass… Meghan had come in. I think she was just there to say hello to a few people… I sure hope she didn’t fill out a job application.

Got to the rooftop about 8:15 and it was once again packed full. I’ve got to start getting there earlier so I can “stake my spot” as the Peabody folks like to say. It’s amazing how good the rooftop parties are this year considering how much they sucked last year. They were serving mini-pizzas and toasted ravioli with marinara on the free food buffet. Dr. Zarr was fantastic as usual.

Went to the Silly Goose afterward… many of the gang showed up and we hung out there until about 1. I meant to go to the Rooster but I knew too many people at the Goose to want to leave.

BBQ teammate from Chicago just sent me this site… Broke Hipster

Know who I feel sorry for in this whole mess about Tiger basketball NCAA violations? Robert Dozier and Antonio Anderson. If the team is forced to vacate their 38-win season, those two will lose their record as the winningest players in the history of college basketball.

“World Wide Wes,” who is involved in the Tiger mess, is a very interesting person to Google, by the way.

All right, that concludes the lunchtime post… perhaps I’ll see you at Trolley Tour or at whatever spontaneous post-Trolley Tour fun that develops.

Pat Benatar and Blondie at Mud Island Ampitheater August 1 – tickets on sale Saturday

Two ’80s icons, Pat Benatar and Blondie, perform at the Mud Island Ampitheater on August 1, and tickets go on sale at Ticketmaster locations this Saturday, May 30 at 10 AM.

If I’m doing the math correctly, Blondie would be 64 now.  Wonder if she’s still got it?

Still waiting on the car to get out of the repair shop… nice to spend a morning Downtown though.

Thursday night goings-on

Just took the car in for brake service, so while I’m waiting to get it back, you get a post.  By the way, I’ll mention the garage I use again – Quality Auto, on Jefferson just east of Third.  They’ve done better work than the Saturn dealership, and have been a LOT cheaper too.  Very happy with them.

Tonight Dr. Zarr’s Amazing Funk Monster plays the Peabody rooftop from 6 to 10.  $5 cover, ladies free until 8, Mpact Memphis members free thanks to a one-night-only promotion.

The Daddy Mack Blues Band plays the Madison rooftop tonight starting at 5:30.  $7 cover, cash bar, and tapas menu.

Super 5 plays the Red Rooster’s after-rooftop party tonight.  Ladies get in free all night, drink specials, “You Got the Look” contest where the winning “Chicklette of the Week” gets a $200 Sephora gift card.

Much Is Given plays the Saucer at 9:30 tonight, $3 cover.  (Note: I got this info from their website calendar, which has been less than 100% accurate)

Sole Restaurant in the Westin has Ladies’ night tonight with $6 mojitos and $5 specialty drinks.

I’ll probably do one Happy Hour beer at the Saucer tonight, then hit the Peabody rooftop a little after 7.  Hope I get the car back soon… lots to do at work, as soon as I can get there.

Downtown flower thief

Every summer, several of our career panhandlers do the “flower man” gimmick.  They approach couples, handing the woman a “free” flower and then asking the man for a few dollars for a tip.  Ever wonder where they get their flowers?  This e-mail from one of my blog’s readers sheds some light on the subject:

I read your blog and really loved the photo of the “Flower Thief” several months ago. Miraculously, my garden was spared last summer, and perennials recovered this spring. Early Monday morning the “thief” was back. I did not catch him, but the pattern was exactly the same. The hydrangea bushes were “beheaded by about 20 heads…broken and cut with about 5 inches of stem. The pattern… is to continue to rape the garden as the flowers bloom, therefore a continuous supply of floral to sell to either tourist or restaurants downtown.

About 4 years ago, I caught him loading up an old suitcase with my roses. It was a good story…tracked him down, with the help of a couple of bicycle cops, and captured him at The Peabody. He was on the run!

I e-mailed her back and asked for a location where this is happening. She lives in the South Main district but closer to Beale than to G.E. Patterson and the art galleries (put it this way: if she wanted Gus’s Chicken she wouldn’t have far to walk). Panhandlers could run down there in 5 minutes and pick flowers from her garden and then be back on Beale, Union, and Second charging money for the stolen flowers.

Lunchtime update

I know quite a few people only check my blog from work, so I want to mention a couple of items I posted this weekend that you might have missed:

First of all, I have my own personal Twitter account now, @paulryburn.  Feel free to follow me.  I’ll warn you though, it will not be “Blog II.”  Rather, it will be a typical personal Twitter account, a way for my friends to keep up with what I’m doing and where I am.  In most cases I’ll save the juicy info for the blog.

Secondly, I’m looking for ideas for new fashion niches to build new web storefronts, to complement the highly successful Tube Top Boutique.  If you have any ideas for new niches I’d love to hear them.

I reorganized the info on my left sidebar so it’s easier to find my e-mail address (it’s right under my picture) and find me on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.  I removed the MySpace link because I’m pretty much finished with MySpace.

And now for new stuff:

Mpact Memphis is organizing a couple of outings this week.  One is at this Thursday’s Peabody rooftop party, and if you’re an Mpact member or you join that night, you can get in free.  You can also register for a drawing to win Peabody gift certificates and rooftop VIP passes.  Dr. Zarr’s Amazing Funk Monster will be cranking out the disco and ’80s tunes this week, so it’s a good week to go.

Then there’s an outing to the Redbirds game on Saturday.  It starts at 6:05 and as a member you get discounted ticket prices of $10 adult and $7 child (regular prices would be $20/10 for these seats).  Ticket also includes dinner and the post-game fireworks display.  Pretty good deal.  Check out all the cool stuff Mpact is doing here.

Don’t forget that Kooky Canuck has their 34 oz. mixed drinks, regularly $9.99, on sale for $5 all day today and every Tuesday.

Pete the Trivia Guy will be calling the action tonight at the Saucer… free to play, begins at 7, chance to win $50, $25, or $10 gift certificates.