Attn any Downtown bar that will listen: It’s time to bring back Sunday Night Swill

In 2003, when I first became a regular at the Flying Saucer, they had a promotion called “Sunday Night Swill.”  From 8 PM on, they would sell cans of PBR, Schlitz, or Old Milwaukee for $1.50 per can.  They’d even give you brown bags, with the Sunday Night Swill logo printed on them, to hide the fact that you were drinking such supposedly substandard beer.

They discontinued the promotion toward the end of 2003.  I think it’s time to bring it back.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be the Saucer… and it doesn’t necessarily have to be those three beers… Old Style and Miller High Life Light would be other good choices… Natty might be stretching it a little.  Price to ideally remain at $1.50 but under no circumstances more than $1.99… any takers?  Any Downtown bar (that doesn’t completely suck) could build a loyal following from this night.  “Sunday Night Swill” may be trademarked, so you may have to think up an alternate name, but trust me, everyone will recognize the concept.  Bar crowds are normally dead on Sunday nights, but this is a concept that could get people to stay out a little bit later, spend a little bit more.  I saw lots of cute girls in tube tops walking around this past Sunday… maybe this would be a way to get them to come in.

Just something to consider.