Tube Top Month

p10205661June has arrived, and that means it is Tube Top Month once again.  Tube Top Month is an annual tradition I started in my blog in 2005.  For the entire month of June, every post I create will contain either a picture of a tube top, or will contain a reference to tube tops, no matter how irrelevant tube tops are to the rest of the post.

Ladies, if you want to participate, wear tube tops when you go out.  If you see me out and want to be in the blog, feel free to stop me and ask me to take your picture (I nearly always have my digital camera on me, and even if I don’t, my iPhone has a camera).  Or, you can e-mail me pics to post.

Tube Top Month has developed a following over the years… I listed it as an event on Facebook this year, and got 85 people saying they are “attending,” although ladies really don’t have to do anything to attend other than wear tube tops, and guys don’t have to do anything at all.

Viva la tube top!  Don’t forget that I have a storefront that sells them – the Tube Top Boutique.  June is going to be a great month!