Tube Top Night at the Voodoo Room, Saturday June 20

I’ve been waiting to announce this, and just confirmed it with Chef Clint… Saturday night, June 20 will be Tube Top Night at the Voodoo Room.  Ladies wearing tube tops will drink Bud Light draft for FREE all night.  There will also be a contest, which I will judge, with the winner getting a $50 bar tab… parameters of the contest are still being decided.  The Voodoo Room is in the downstairs of Orleans on Front, the Cajun restaurant on Front just south of Union, across from the Butcher Shop.

This, by the way, is not an event that will take the place of the TubeTopalooza party… it’s just looking like, due to several circumstances, I may have to wait until after June to do TubeTopalooza.

I’ve received several more e-mails about some interesting promotions going on at Downtown nightspots, including more to happen at the Voodoo Room… however, I don’t have time to post them right now, because a rather expensive consultant is due at the office in a few minutes.  More to come later today, or in the morning.